PSG Women player wrongly accused of attacking teammate finds support from Kylian Mbappe


A few days after her alleged involvement in a case that shook up the footballing fraternity, PSG women’s midfielder Amanita Diallo made a rare public appearance as she was spotted at Kylian Mbappe’s book launch.  

Diallo, who was accused of inflicting an attack on teammate Kheira Hemraoui by hiring henchmen, has been on the radar of the public and authorities alike. Being in and out of police custody has brought plenty of disgrace to the 26-year-old’s name, even though she has constantly denied the accusations.

PSG star forward Mbappe, however, seemed sympathetic towards the fellow Parisian’s predicament as he invited her to the release of his autobiography titled “Je M’appelle Kylian” which will feature tales from his journey to becoming a worldwide star in the form of a comic book.

The two players were captured smiling together in a photograph, which the midfielder posted on her Instagram story expressing her gratitude towards the Frenchmen for his support.

This gesture by the PSG spearhead was very well received on social media, as it was refreshing for fans to see the strong interpersonal bonds of support amongst players in times of distress. 

As PSG supporters await the final verdict on the case, the latest pertinent development is that Aminata Diallo has been released from police custody without being charged.

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