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Are Kylian Mbappe And Aya Nakamura Dating?

Are Kylian Mbappe And Aya Nakamura Dating?

It’s nearly impossible to keep the world’s most popular footballer out of the news. Be it his on-pitch antics that tear opponents apart or his impeccable panache off it, Kylian Mbappe has been a treat for the sore eyes of the paparazzi. 

Lately, the 24-year-old scored five times against a sixth-tier side named Pays de Cassel in the round of 32 of the French Cup. Mbappe is obsessed with scoring goals and his attacking prowess only grows with every game.

But the Frenchman has a lively persona off the field as well. Mbappe is often seen traversing the bustling nightlife of Paris with close friend and teammate Achraf Hakimi. And it is only natural that the 2018 World Cup winner attracts the gaze of the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, Mbappe often pays the price for fame. His every move is monitored by the media and his relationships often become the content of page three.  

Over the years, the Frenchman has been allegedly linked with models Rose Bertram, Alicia Aylies, and trans model Ines Rau, but Mbappe has always been hushed about his past. 

However, at the present, there is a new buzz surrounding Mbappe.

The French forward was invited to a party hosted by the American rapper, Tyga, somewhere in Paris. 

Mbappe, who leaves no chance to have a good time, obliged and arrived at this party. Amidst the glitter and glamour of a rapper’s party, Mbappe was seen with the famous pop singer Aya Nakamura. 

The duo posed for a photo together which the 27-year-old singer posted on her Instagram later. This was enough to unleash the gossip mongers who are now certain that the woman in Mbappe’s arms these days is the African pop singer Aya Nakamura. 

Aya is regarded as the queen of African pop after her song, Djadja took off and reached close to one billion views on YouTube. 

Although this wasn’t the first meeting between Mbappe and Aya. The African pop star had met Mbappe earlier, after one of Paris Saint Germain’s matches in Paris. So the speculation that it’s only a new thing between the two can easily be ignored. 

It’s not new for Mbappe to be linked with another woman that he casually knows, but it’s unfathomable for the fans and the gossip trolls to let the man breathe in peace and perform his magic on the pitch. 

Is Mbappe really dating Aya? I guess we’ll never know.