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Everything We Know About Kylian Mbappe and French Rapper Booba’s Feud

Everything We Know About Kylian Mbappe and French Rapper Booba’s Feud

Kylian Mbappe is starting to face the heat from angry Paris Saint-Germain supporters as he again flirts with a move to Real Madrid, and it seems that the legendary French rapper has started beefing with him too.

The PSG forward is enjoying a pretty prolific campaign under Luis Enrique, having scored 30 goals in 29 appearances already! But the clock is ticking on Mbappe’s contract with the Parisian heavyweights, with his current deal expiring at the end of June, 2024 and he’s shown little interest in signing a new contract.

Mbappe is now being strongly linked to a move to Real Madrid as a free agent in the summer, after teasing a move to the Santiago Bernabeu for the past few years. It appears that the Frenchman’s antics have flared up the French rapper, who is extremely popular in the country after releasing 11 albums.

What Did French Rapper Booba Tell Mbappe?

Booba recently released his latest album named ‘Ad Vitam Aeternam’  and one of the songs from the album named ‘Abidal’ makes a rather nasty reference at Mbappe. One of the verses in the rap song features the lyrics ‘they are crazy overrated, like Kylian (Mbappe)’.

If it wasn’t rather obvious that Booba was referencing the France national team captain, he made it rather clear with a vicious attack on the forward on Twitter. He directly tagged Mbappe in a tweet that stated: “it’s not a clash you’re overrated you’re useless you’re a tool of the system zero LDC zero position (like most) go to Réal (Madrid) to learn life with Vinicius (Jr) good luck.”

After a fan questioned his motive to start attacking Mbappe and tried to demean him by asking who exactly he was, Booba simply answered “I am the voice”, trying to indicate that he only said what many PSG fans might be feeling right now.

Why Is Booba Beefing With Mbappe?

With that being said, this isn’t the first time that Booba has taken a dig at Mbappe either. After France lost the 2022 FIFA World Cup final to Argentina a few years ago, Booba took aim at the French forward for the strangest reasons. At a video that became public, it showed one of Booba’s songs being played in the France national team bus and many players singing the lyrics, but Mbappe remained silent at that point.

Well, it appears that ended up triggering the French rapper who later tweeted after France’s loss in the final and said: “We see you Kyky, you don’t sing, that’s why you don’t win!!!” This is one of the reasons why Booba has had this dislike for the PSG forward.

Another major reason is that Booba himself is a hardcore PSG fan and has been supporting the club for a long time. It’s only understandable for the PSG fans to be furious at Mbappe for how he keeps on ignoring the requests to sign a new contract from the faithful and is seemingly ready to take a massive pay-day for a free transfer to Real Madrid in the summer.

It’s quite obvious that Booba’s disliking for Mbappe has become quite toxic right now and with Kylian under pressure due to his contract standoff, the rapper has probably found the best time to release his diss track. To his credit, however, Mbappe has remained totally silent and resulting in this beef being very one-sided from just the rapper’s end.