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Look: Security Guard Targets Cristiano Jr at Al Nassr U13 Match

Look: Security Guard Targets Cristiano Jr at Al Nassr U13 Match

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s very normal to be envious of the life of your favorite football star. It all seems so hunky-dory. But once you step into their shoes, it becomes evident how challenging and demanding their lives are.

Moreover, in these days of pervasive social media, every aspect of their existence is under relentless scrutiny from the public eye. They endure harsh bullying and criticism for even the smallest actions or reactions.

And more so if your name is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sure, it’s one thing when it is directed at you, but it becomes intolerable when your family gets dragged into the saga.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Cristiano Junior, his son, has apparently been subjected to trolling and teasing. That too from the security guards of his own club, no less.

The backstory of this saga

All of it started when Cristiano Ronaldo fell short in his quest to win the Riyadh Season Cup for the second successive time.

Featuring for Al Nassr in the Riyadh Season Cup final, Ronaldo was unable to inspire his side to a win as Al-Hilal emerged victorious on the night with a 2-0 margin. The Portuguese himself had an underwhelming game performance.

Moreover, if your name is Cristiano Ronaldo, controversy will follow you. Ronaldo again made headlines after the match as he was captured responding towards an Al-Hilal fan with an obscene gesture while walking back towards the ground tunnel.

The Mockery Directed at His Son

Cristiano Ronaldo has been taunted and bullied his whole career, but people have also dragged his family into this after the cup loss. In an unexpected turn of events, CR7’s son looks to be on the receiving end of taunting after Al Nassr’s defeat.

A video has recently surfaced on the internet capturing Cristiano Jr. with his Al Nassr U13 teammates. Recorded from an elevated angle, the footage captures Jr. walking off the pitch. However, it was the behavior of a security guard that drew attention.

Positioned along the player’s alley, the guard appeared to mock the teenager. As Cristiano Ronaldo’s son approached, the guard suddenly made a hand gesture. Though the footage is somewhat unclear, it seems the guard performed the ‘stir the pot’ gesture towards Cristiano Ronaldo’s son. This gesture could be interpreted as referencing the Riyadh Season Cup title that CR7 & Al Nassr failed to win, or perhaps it was related to an Al Hilal celebration.

However, we can’t definitively assert that it was a deliberate dig at him. Nonetheless, it was a very strange gesture from an adult to a kid, particularly considering the youngster’s recent success. Just a few days ago, Cristiano Jr. helped his team win the U13 Saudi League title, marking a significant achievement. Remarkably, this was the U13 side’s first trophy in their history.

Cristiano Jr looked pretty dejected after the match and did not pay any heed to the security guard.

This video shared on the social media has rapidly gained traction, garnering over 54K views and a plethora of supportive comments for the young soccer player. Many have expressed condemnation for the acts of supposed taunting directed at a 13-year-old “poor child”.

Some individuals have applauded Cristiano Jr.’s maturity in the matter, yet seized the opportunity to criticize Ronaldo for his infamous reactionary demeanor.

Cristiano Jr. has demonstrated remarkable mental resilience in disregarding the trolls. His father’s fame and influence have unfortunately made him a target for online bullying. Yet, akin to his father, the 13-year-old needs to choose to let his football skills speak for themselves on the pitch. This is the bare minimum for Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. if he aims to follow in his father’s footsteps.