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Mystery Solved? Alleged Photo of Cristiano Junior’s True Mother Emerges Online

Mystery Solved? Alleged Photo of Cristiano Junior’s True Mother Emerges Online

The family life of footballers, especially Cristiano Ronaldo has always been under scrutiny.

The Portuguese star is reportedly said to be the father of five children, but questions remain as to who is the mother of his first child Cristiano Junior, as media reports claim that he had an understanding with the lady not to reveal her identity.

Cristiano Jr was born on June 17, 2010 in the US. He is 13 now and Ronaldo has full custody of the child, who he raises along with four others of which two are twins (Eva and Mateo) which came through surrogacy.

Currently, the 38-year-old, who plies his trade with Al Nassr club in Saudi Pro League, is in a relationship with Argentinian-born Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez, with whom he has twin female kids.

In fact, the couple were expecting a pair of twins in 2022. Though the male twins died during childbirth, the female twins survived.

Exception to the rule

Though unmarried couples are not allowed to live together as per the strict laws of Saudi Arabia, which is a devout muslim nation, an exception has been made in the case of Ronaldo, considering his football stature and market value for the country as a whole.

But what has caught the attention of all is that suddenly an old photo of a lady, who is supposed to Cristiano Junior’s mother has surfaced all over social media.

Cristiano Junior was born, when the senior Ronaldo was just 25. A big controversy erupted as Ronaldo took care of the child alone, without publicly revealing the identity of the mother.

There were unconfirmed reports that Ronaldo paid a huge amount to the child’s mother not to reveal her identity and told her categorically that he would take complete care of the child.

Now, in this old photo, a woman is seen on a beach along with Ronaldo, but there is no real proof that it is her. It could only a mere speculation due to an alleged physical resemblance to the child.

Private life

Ronaldo’s private life has been full of drama. His mother Maria Dolores had initially said that she had even contemplated abortion when Ronaldo was in her stomach.

“He is a child that I wanted to abort. God didn’t want that to happen, and I was blessed because of that, and God didn’t punish me,” Dolores had once said.

But later the human side of her came to limelight after Cristiano Junior was born. She is said to have helped a lot in shaping the career of Cristiano Junior, who just like his father wants to pursue career as a footballer.

Many pictures of her posting with grand kids are there in social media with Dolores herself posting many of them on her Instagram account.