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Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have a No Mobile Phone Policy in His Home? A Look Behind Viral Claim

Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have a No Mobile Phone Policy in His Home? A Look Behind Viral Claim

In the world of social media and viral content, it doesn’t take much for a claim to capture the public’s attention, especially when it involves a global sports icon like Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Recently, a controversial statement made by Susana Torres, a mental coach, came to light, revealing supposed details about Ronaldo’s personal life, particularly his alleged “no-mobile policy” in his home. 

According to reports, Susana Torres claimed to have worked with Éder, another footballer, and through her association with him, she suggested that she had insider information about Cristiano Ronaldo‘s life. 

Among the revelations she made was the assertion that Ronaldo’s room in his apartment on Rua Castilho in Lisbon had no electronic devices, including cell phones, to ensure he gets the best possible rest for the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner.

While this claim sparked considerable curiosity among fans and media alike, A source close to Ronaldo denied any connection between the star and Susana Torres, stating that Ronaldo “was never with her” and that she never set foot in his home. The source further emphasized that Ronaldo had not authorized any advertising or use of his name by the mental coach.

The controversy surrounding Susana Torres deepened when it was revealed that she allegedly used Ronaldo’s name in her coaching sessions as an example for her clients, implying a close relationship with the footballer.

In these high-performance online sessions, she supposedly charged exorbitant fees, around €7,000 per participant, to offer advice on energy, citing Ronaldo’s own measures to deal with radiation and improve rest.

Ronaldo denied any contact with Susana Torres, leaving her credibility in question. As fans and media outlets sought the truth, the situation escalated, and Ronaldo even accused the mental coach of “false publicity,” claiming she was exploiting his name for profit through fallacious claims.

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