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Cristiano Ronaldo Fired As Child Rights Ambassador After Everton Fan Incident

Cristiano Ronaldo Fired As Child Rights Ambassador After Everton Fan Incident

Being a superstar in the world of football is no cakewalk, especially during difficult periods. 

With all the attention pointed in your direction, it becomes important for players to remain composed. 

However, circumstances can affect even the most experienced, as shown by the recent controversy involving Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo

After enduring a frustrating loss against relegation contenders Everton, the Portuguese international let his emotions get the best of him. He broke a young Everton fan’s phone by slapping it to the ground, a move that has led to plenty of discourse since. 

The boy’s mother stated that the 14-year-old was ‘crying and totally shocked’. 

The incident’s aftermath has seen Ronaldo receive plenty of criticism for his behaviour, the striker himself issued an apology via his Instagram. Reports have suggested that Merseyside Police have looked into the matter and that the Premier League could possibly punish the player. 

His actions have also impacted his philanthropic efforts, as a major NGO have opted to drop Ronaldo as an ambassador. 

The news comes from a statement by ‘Save The Children’, a reputed NGO that works toward protecting children’s rights and shielding them from abuse. 

Their decision to drop Ronaldo as an ambassador directly links to his action as they have judged the incident to be ‘against everything the charity stands for.’ 

It remains to be seen what other punishments come Ronaldo’s way. 

For now, the striker has invited the young fan to a game at Old Trafford ‘as a sign of fair-play and sportsmanship’, an offer which has seemingly been refused by the fan’s mother.