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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Response to Stranger Claiming Friendship and One of His Ballon d’Ors

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Response to Stranger Claiming Friendship and One of His Ballon d’Ors

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players football has ever produced and his illustrious career for Manchester United to Real Madrid and to even his new chapter at AL-Nassr FC, the 38-year-old athlete is still making an impact.

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to express his thoughts on the comments of a former teammate and internet reacts because Cristiano is the most savage footballer on and off the field.

In a recent podcast of PT Clipes, former Sporting CP player, Fabio Paim spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi and then about himself.

He tried to compare himself to the two legends of football. Fabio Paim was discovered at the same academy that Ronaldo grew up at.

However, Fabio’s career did not go the same direction.

Paim moved from club to club without even scoring for many of them, getting restricted to reserve teams. Chelsea was his most successful move, but he did not even make an impact or last long with the club.

Fabio Paim claimed that he had the talent to fight alongside Ronaldo and Messi and that if he were playing at the same level, he could have won Ballon d’or with them. He even went on to say that Cristiano Ronaldo should just give him one of his Ballon d’Or.

These claims reached Ronaldo and he responded by a simple “WTF. who is this guy?”. Not only is this response absolutely savage from Ronaldo he completely destroyed Fabio Paim for using him and Messi for views and likes on Instagram.

Fabio Paim was one of the players that introduced Ronaldo to the world, but Ronaldo have shut down these hypothetical scenarios Paim has made.

These claims are just simple hypothetical scenarios, not real. Players who live in the past and reminisce about what could have been are the players with no contributions to their names.

Harsh reality of the sport is that most of the young talented footballers don’t always equate to or don’t translate to great talents as adults. Injuries, lifestyle, fame all are factors for this.

Fabio Paim was accused of sexual crimes and drug trafficking, even spending time in prison. This certainly did not help his career He has played all over the world in several continents without leaving a mark in any of them.