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Video of Kostas Tsimikas Playing Agent to Lure Kylian Mbappe Goes Viral Among Liverpool Fans

Video of Kostas Tsimikas Playing Agent to Lure Kylian Mbappe Goes Viral Among Liverpool Fans

The transfer saga of the PSG superstar, Kylian Mbappe seems to be a never-ending topic. Moreover, an old video involving the French international came to light recently that just added more fuel to the talks.

An old video resurfaced on recently that captured the post-match greetings of the UEFA Euro qualifier game between France and Greece on June 2023. The game resulted in a 1-0 win courtesy of Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe was seen in a jolly mood during the post-match greetings. However, a little moment between the French forward and the Greece defender Kostas Tsimikas raised a few eyebrows within the football fandom.

The video captured Kylian Mbappe smiling and greeting the Liverpool player. Additionally, he was also seen pointing his finger in a certain direction as he put his arms around the neck of the Liverpool defender.

This captured moment has instantly got the Liverpool fans talking. The Red Army was quick to question if it was a hint of Mbappe’s arrival in Anfield next season.

As per  L’Equipe, Jürgen Klopp’s men have been keeping tabs on Mbappe for quite some time now. With a contract expiration in 2024, the Red Army would surely be anticipating a move for Kylian Mbappe next season.

Now will we really see Kylian Mbappe in a red jersey from the next season?

If fans are to believe, “it’s happening”.

Liverpool fans have also pointed out at Tsimikas playing the ‘agent’ to persuade Kylian for the move.

However, a few people do believe that actually it’s the opposite. Mbappe joining the Red Army is a far-fetched dream and the moment captured in the video hints at the reverse transfer. According to them, the video actually hints at the Liverpool defender eyeing a transfer to PSG. But with a very recent contract extension up till 2027, it does seem a little improbable.

Some people even denied any hints of transfer altogether. They speculated that maybe its just a simple post-match greeting where Mbappe might have asked for Tsimika‘s match shirt.

But Liverpool fans believe that it was more than just a simple greeting. Even though there has been no news of a contract extension till now, the apparent ‘free transfer’ won’t be that simple at all for the Liverpool authorities.

With a humongous weekly wage of more than $1 million and signing bonuses the transfer of Mbappe will be far from ‘free’. Liverpool authorities will have to really work for the transfer to happen due to PSG’s reluctance to let him leave for free and with footballing giants like Real Madrid in the race for the player. However at the end it all comes down to Mbappe’s interest of destination. But surely Liverpool won’t leave any stone unturned for the player.

Now amongst these speculations, does this video really hints Mbappe’s interest playing for the red ? Or is it an invite for Tsimikas  to PSG ? or is it just a formal post-match greeting ? Only time can tell.

But one thing is for sure that fans would really savor a Haaland and Mbappe rivalry in the English Premier League