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Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Move to Acquire Newspaper He Has a History With

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Move to Acquire Newspaper He Has a History With

While the offer from Media Capital, the owner of CNN Portugal and TVI channels, remains on the table, Ronaldo showcases involvement in taking ownership of the best-selling newspaper in Portugal that shares a salty past with the icon.

El País recently reported that Ronaldo’s company, Expressão Livre, has made an audacious offer of 75 million euros (£64,582,341) ($83,021,891) to acquire Cofina Media, the group that owns several prominent media outlets in Portugal, including the widely circulated newspaper ‘Correio da Manhã’, CM television, and ‘Sábado’ magazine.

The move is indeed surprising given Ronaldo’s long and contentious history with ‘Correio da Manhã’, a newspaper he has sued numerous times for spreading false and invasive information about his private life. 

It appears that instead of continuing his personal boycott of the media outlet, Ronaldo is now considering becoming a shareholder in the very group he once boycotted.

Correio da Manhã’ has been the source of much trouble for Cristiano Ronaldo, with headline stories about his personal life and business endeavors.

The newspaper, with the highest circulation in Portugal, has consistently published news about Ronaldo’s relationships, family, and urban irregularities related to his properties. 

They have also delved into the sensitive matter of the sexual assault accusation against him by Kathryn Mayorga, a model from Las Vegas. These allegations have often sparked outrage from the footballer, leading to legal actions and public denouncements.

One of the most infamous incidents between Ronaldo and ‘CM Television,’ a part of the Cofina Media group, occurred during the Euro 2016 tournament. A journalist from the channel approached Ronaldo with a question while the Portuguese team was walking by a lake in Lyon.

In response, Ronaldo dramatically seized the journalist’s microphone and threw it into the lake. This act of defiance was emblematic of the tension between the footballer and the media group.

The potential acquisition is no small feat, as it involves substantial financial negotiations.

The Expressão Livre company, in which Ronaldo holds a stake, has reportedly valued Cofina Media at an impressive 75 million euros (£64,582,341) ($83,021,891).

Nevertheless, Ronaldo’s net worth and business acumen have placed him in a position to take on such a significant venture.

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