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With Which Companies Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have Sponsorship Deals?

With Which Companies Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have Sponsorship Deals?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most renowned football legends who has inspired many people to take up football as a professional career. His successes on and off the field have wowed so many people that he keeps bagging titles. And like many other football legends, this growth has attracted many sponsorships. We look at the companies that work with this legend:

Ronaldo’s Sponsorship Deals

Any good sportsperson positions themselves to bag endorsements that increase their primary income. And Ronaldo has done the same, working with some of the best companies in the world. Which are they?

Pokerstars Casino

Ronaldo is an excellent poker player. In his free time, he enjoys choosing whether to fold or hold. And this patience has enabled him to become an even better football player, as he can strategize how to beat his opponents in high-pressure situations. Thus, his partnership with Pokerstars Casino could not be more integral to his career. With online casinos growing in popularity for their accessibility and lucrativeness, this deal will benefit both parties!


Sports drinks and athletes go hand-in-hand. After all, when they want a nutritious drink to fuel one more training session or to recover from a hard session, sports drinks serve this role. Herbalife, a household name, approached Ronaldo in 2013 and offered him a sponsorship deal. Ronaldo happily accepted the opportunity as it enabled him to help other athletes. As he said in his interview, encouraging athletes to embrace nutritious products was a highly rewarding experience. The partnership was so successful that the company renewed the mutually beneficial contract.


Most sportspeople dream of working with this powerhouse. After all, Nike pays well and aligns with athletes. And most health-conscious people rely on Nike products to fuel their workout goals. So when Ronaldo first got to work with Nike in 2003, he did not squander the opportunity. And as he progressed in his career, the benefits of the sponsorship were evident to Nike. In 2016, he got a lifetime deal with the company, becoming the third athlete to bag such a deal with Nike.


People love watching sports events on the go. So, if they have a convenient way to catch up on games, they embrace it. Thus, when Ronaldo announced his sponsorship with DAZN, his fans were over the moon. Here was a chance to watch sports events at their convenience. They no longer had to wonder how many goals Ronaldo had scored. And they could watch as his career soared to greater heights.


Ronaldo’s success makes him the perfect ambassador for almost any product. Moreover, he’s known for always being put together. So, when Clear Shampoo partnered with him, the sales rocketed. People wanted to have hair that neared Ronaldo’s perfect haircut. And this interest in this shampoo benefited all parties.

Below are other companies that have partnered with Ronaldo and enjoyed immense success as a result:

  • MTG,
  • American Tourister,
  • Garena Free Fire,
  • Altice Portugal,
  • Louis Vuitton,
  • LiveScore, and
  • Binance.

These successful partnerships have also taught other companies how to select brand influencers that augur well with their audiences.