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Anti-Vaxxers Crawl Out of Woodwork as Shaka Hislop Collapses Live on Air

Anti-Vaxxers Crawl Out of Woodwork as Shaka Hislop Collapses Live on Air

The former West Ham keeper collapsed moments from the start of the game at Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena while working as an analyst for US broadcaster ESPN and sending his television partner Dan Thomas into some much-required urgency of frenzy.

The sight of the former Hammers shot-stopper falling face-first to the ground was an extremely scary sight, particularly for those who witnessed the circumstance live. 

Hislop’s working colleague Thomas immediately called for the assistance of medical help confirming firstly on Twitter and then on live television during the halftime break that Hislop has gained consciousness and can communicate with others. Hislop’s family members have also been informed.

While Thomas spoke about the timing being too soon for any sort of medical analysis, it has certainly not stopped the anti-vaxxers to form a whole wave of conspiracy theories and to surface back.

Soon after the unfortunate incident spaces on social media got filled with ideas of Hislop being another victim of the side effects of the Vaccine.

Several Twitter users of the anti-vax propaganda community took to the site to voice their opinion about Shaka Hislop being the latest prey of Government misdoings.

Others voiced their fears and faux anxieties of how everything at the top is connected in these vaccine side-effects and the powerful are looking to exert maximum control of the bodies of everyone.

Background research of a large demographic of people believers of these theories here usually belonging to the MAGA backgrounds and other such supremacist groups, indicating the rise of conspiracy propaganda in recent times.

Legitimate theories of 30-degree temperature at the time in Pasadena are barely being paid much heed. The anti-vaxxers are out in full swing to prove their point.

When Danish star Eriksen collapsed on the ground, he had to confirm whether or not he was vaccinated at the time to which the answer was he was not. There will be hopes of a speedy recovery for Hislop and science to take over conspiracy theories of any kind.