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Twitter Reacts to Martin Daubney Malfunctioning Live on GB News Breaking Story

Twitter Reacts to Martin Daubney Malfunctioning Live on GB News Breaking Story

GB News is the United Kingdom’s answer to Fox News, akin to the majority of the demographic audience of Fox News, GB News also caters largely to people belonging themselves to ideologies of the right-wing.

Whilst BBC has had its large share of growing disparities with Sunak’s government, famously, Suella Braverman calling BBC and Guardian readers, tofu-eating and left-leaning, GB news in their hatred of immigrants and Prince Harry and love for the Conservative government and their policies have enjoyed blooming popularity.  

Daniel Khalife’s prison escape has had the attention of the British Isles over the week.

The twenty-one-year-old terror suspect managed to strap himself underneath a food truck and escape from Wandsworth prison.

Immediately, the other inmates from the prison were shifted to another location but there was no sign of Daniel Khalife.

What ensued was a seventy-two-hour manhunt. 

The news media was still circulating stories on whom to blame, whether it be the prison guards, who had been raising alarm bells for some time, of being grossly understaffed, or the fault of the government for not providing accurate management sources, Khalife was still on the run.

GB News anchor, Martin Daubney, was reporting on the G20 news at the time, the nation’s less than convincing messages to war going on in the Ukraine.

News broke Khalife has been caught in West London, much to the dismay and unprepared of Martin Daubney.  

What has now become a source of major laughter, and a potential point to prove again, how GB News as an entity are unprepared in the arts of journalism, let alone journalistic integrity, Martin Daubney, horribly stammer, while reading out the breaking news to the viewers on live television.

He probably knew he was in trouble, when he named, the guest appearing on the show, to provide further information, on the Khalife news, by the name Chad Chitman, Martin Daubney, called him, “terror man.”

Chad Chitman, a former major general, was in well in a bit of awe as to what was going on, being called, “terror man,” was not something he envisioned being on live television.

No one probably imagines their name to be dragged through the trenches of mud, on live television in the manner.  

Following so, Daubney muttered to himself, about messing the whole thing up he read.

This wasn’t all, in a moment of panic, he called for some other person, not present in the show at all, in a rather exuberant manner, to take over from his nightmare, soon realizing that another mistake had been made.

Daubney’s presentation was a showcase of all things not to do while delivering breaking news as an anchor for any form of news channel excluding their pedigree or audience appeal.  

The Internet as it goes soon had a laugh and even Gary Lineker, joined in. H shared the clip of Daubney with the caption, “It’s not as easy as it looks.”  

GB News was all over Lineker, when the former England forward, called policies of the Conservative government similar to the policies of Nazi Germany.

Lineker had to leave, Match of the Day, for some time, all the while GB News was busy portraying him as a traitor to the nation.

A very common tactic of right-wing-leaning news channels. Lineker would have surely had a satisfactory smile with the incompetence of Daubney and him going viral on the Internet for all the wrong reasons.