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Prince Harry’s No Suit, No Tie Look at the Queen’s Tribute Raises Eyebrows

Prince Harry’s No Suit, No Tie Look at the Queen’s Tribute Raises Eyebrows

The one-year death anniversary memorial of the late Queen Elizabeth II was held on September 8, but the appearance of Prince Harry turned out to be a major talking point among the masses soon afterwards.

The event was held at St. George’s Chapel, the queen’s resting place, where only the members of her family and special personnel were allowed to visit to mark respect to the late queen. As a result, all her grandchildren were invited to it – including Prince Harry.

What did Prince Harry wear to Queen’s Elizabeth Memorial?

Even though he tried to avoid the public eye or the photographers surrounding the Chapel, he was ultimately photographed by the paparazzi and seen wearing surprisingly casual wear for such an emotional, personal affair. The photographers spotted Harry wearing just a white shirt and black trousers to go along with it, as he seemingly decided to beat the heat by wearing something more comfortable.

Now, granted that the heat levels in the UK rose to uncomfortable highs at the weekend, which is why one could’ve wanted to avoid a suit. However, with the late Queen’s memorial being such an important event for members of the Royal Family, many expected him to at least have the courtesy of donning a suit and tie.

Prince Harry Slammed for Casual Wear In Memorial

For many, it is considered as disrespectful for someone as important and close to the Queen as Prince Harry to be wearing such casual clothing to her anniversary service, knowing that the eyes of many photographers will be upon him.

The 38-year-old has, of course, had his share of issues with the Royal Family and has lived separately as his fellow siblings over the last few years. He also launched a memoir earlier this year, where he listed out the issues he faced as part of the Royal Family.

Despite that, Harry was known to be quite close to Queen Elizabeth and to get along with her really nicely. That is why he is probably attracting criticism for not showing the proper etiquette in how he dressed to her one-year memorial service.

Prince Harry is receiving a lot of criticism for simply being disrespectful with his attire for the event. Some have even pointed out that the 38-year-old also attended the Invictus Games in Germany later at the weekend and was spotted wearing a grey tie and a suit, something which he simply didn’t manage to do for the Queen’s service.

This also comes as Prince William was spotted wearing the ‘right’ attire when he attended the memorial service on 8 September, wearing a proper suit and a tie to cap off the ideal formal attire for such an occasion.

In fact, most of those who attended the event on the first-year of her passing wore the right formal attire which mostly included a suit and a tie.

Prince Harry defended for choosing casual attire

With that being said, Prince Harry is also being defended for his decision to wear something more comfortable to the event by some people, who are stating the heat to be a major reason why he probably ditched the suit and tie in the first place.

Moreover, some have even noted that the 38-year-old didn’t really have to conform to the ‘Royal family rules’ because he came to pay respect to his late grandmother as her relative and not a representative of the Royal Family anymore because he isn’t aligned with their interests anymore.

Irrespective of all the debate around the ‘Suit and Tie’ topic, Prince Harry definitely didn’t want to disrespect the late Queen – someone he loved and appreciated a lot. He even paid a tribute to her at a charity event a few days before her first-year anniversary and has always spoken glowing things about her – itself an indication that he’d never want to demean or disrespect her.