Royal Family photo featuring Prince George and Prince Louis gets Football Twitter talking

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-serving monarch in 2022, making 70 years of service to the folks of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth nations.

To mark this iconic feat, four days of celebrations were carried on from June 2nd to June 5th where the heirs of the Royal family stood next to each other and enchanted their people once again.

From the British rock band Queen to Rod Stewart singing Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’, from Elton John’s pre-recorded performance to Diana Ross’s closing set of her biggest hit, “Ain’t No Mountain High enough,” the Queen’s Platinum jubilee was something never seen before.

But among all these celebrations, the cameramen had their sights set on clicking the best pictures, hoping to capture some moment that highlights the bond between the Royals or some cheeky act that starts a meme, worthy of emulating again and again.

Luckily, one such cameraman had his lens fixated on Prince Harry and Prince George, capturing a photo that has left Football Twitter in splits.

In this photo, Prince George with both hands on his waist, with an unimpressed look, seems to stare at something while Prince Harry seems to point at something to make his other son, Prince Louis, concentrate and glimpse some action he was about to miss.

The photo which also has London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Labour Party in the background comes across as a portrait all the football fans are accustomed to watching on their Television sets when the Premier League season is in full swing as noted by one Twitter user.

Fans were quick to catch up on this and suggested that Prince George is a Gaffer in distress who needs a winner for his team as soon as possible and is about to send Prince Louis as a sub while Prince Harry gives him the final set of instructions as an assistant.

The common assumption was that Prince George is one eye lift away from emulating Carlo Ancelotti’s iconic eye raise to motivate his team to accomplish yet another comeback while donning a shabby suit. Some also mentioned that George could easily pass off as a young Scott Parker, AFC Bournemouth’s current manager.

But Prince William seems to be in Steven Gerrard mode. The Duke of Cambridge supports Aston Villa in the Premier League and seems to channel his internal Gerrard, hoping that Prince Louis disrupts and ends Manchester City’s title charge and hand Liverpool the title, which unfortunately couldn’t happen a few weeks ago.

The buck doesn’t stop here. Everyone in this photo seems to be in the play. Sadiq Khan looks like he is watching on the monitor feeding back possession stats to Gaffer, while some fans mentioned that Keir Starmer is the one sub, wishing he had more game time.

There is a man behind Prince William who fans have called out to be a John Terry doppelgänger who is eyeing the job of an assistant coach on this team.

With that said, nobody knows what the scoreline read by the end of the game, but the entertainment that a fictional dugout provided on Queen’s platinum jubilee has only added a touch of class to her eternal legacy.