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The Real Reason Why Prince Harry Has Visible Bald Spots Now

The Real Reason Why Prince Harry Has Visible Bald Spots Now

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be seemingly out of affairs of the royal politics and royal family. A brief appearance by the Duke of Sussex at the coronation of King Charles further portrayed the dwindling relationship even more.

Their lives though are still a source of attraction for followers of the monarchy.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently released a video of them having a phone conversation with the recipients of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund. Harry’s balding patches visible clearly in the taken video became a source of attention and mockery.

The recipients of the fund shared conversations with the Duke and Duchess sharing their dreams about the process they are involved in with the organization, their future ideas, and the related hurdles anticipated along the way. Harry and Meghan were courteous and portrayed an interest in the lives of the people they were interacting with.

Amidst all the niceness and good gesture on display, Prince Harry’s receding hair caught people’s eye the most. Some worried that it was alopecia and causes due to underlying stress, while others laughed at how Harry is joining his big brother in the hair game.

There were certainly supporters of the monarchy happy to see Prince Harry’s balding spots. For them, that’s what one gets for betraying their families and leaving the country to stay elsewhere. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been living in the United States for some time.

Markle who is often the greatest villain of GB News, an extreme right-wing news channel similar to Fox News in America received her anticipated share of the blame for her husband’s suspected alopecia.

She is all the stress that must be making Prince Harry bald might be the narrative suitable timeline running in the GB News quarters.

But the most obvious reason seems like that the bald spots are the results of a hair transplant.

During hair transplant, while the process is ongoing, chunks of hair are often taken from areas with more dense hair to cover up areas lacking in density.

Prince William’s hair was the source of much discussion in Prince Harry’s memoir book, Spare. Harry had narrated the time he met Prince William at their grandfather’s funeral, he had observed William’s baldness catching on faster than his age. He felt a certain tiredness looking at his brother’s face.

The narration took ugly turns with the Duke of Sussex describing in detail memories of his brother ordering him to shave before his wedding with Meghan Markle. Harry had felt at the time, William, his brother was jealous of what he couldn’t have.

Entire details of these narrations had caught attention at the time of publications like the Daily Mail and The Mirror.

Whatever may be the case, it was good to see Harry and Meghan in good spirits.

Prince Harry, the son of Princess Diana will be no stranger to leitmotifs of conspiracy and how long they follow and last. For him, the hope will always perhaps be to recover both from rumors and bad hair growing back good again.