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Fans Struggle to Tell Coach Beard and Jack Smith Apart – Are They Related?

Fans Struggle to Tell Coach Beard and Jack Smith Apart – Are They Related?

John Luman Smith, better known as Jack Smith, is the US attorney spearheading the criminal investigations towards former US President Donald Trump – yet football fans can’t stop seeing Coach Beard in him.

Yes, the Ted Lasso character has a rather striking appearance that the show’s viewers will probably never forget. Even though the Apple TV hit series came to an end earlier this year, fans can’t seem to forget or get enough of some of the most memorable characters from it.

Out of that, Coach Beard was probably the weirdest yet beloved character on the show which summed up its wackiness perfectly.

The assistant to the titular character and AFC Richmond manager Ted Lasso, Coach Beard was shown to be a football aficionado who was all about tactics and responsible for helping teach Lasso a lot about football management.

Beard was shown to be a mysterious, bizarre character with a number of weird fetishes. A quirky talker full of philosophical comments, he also had a ‘wild’ side to him when it came to partying like a freak or his freaky relationship with his girlfriend.

The actor for the character, Brendan Hunt, was actually one of the writers of the show as well. He did such an amazing job that viewers often forgot that this was a fictional character and that Hunt wasn’t like this in real life.

Fans see similarity in Jack Smith and Coach Beard

Amid all this, the prominence of Jack Smith has now blown the minds of many Ted Lasso fanboys and fangirls.

Smith has been an attorney for the United States Department of Justice and also the head of the department’s Public Integrity Section.

He has served as Chief Prosecutor for the Koso Specialist Chambers case, a case tasked with investigating and prosecuting war crimes in the Kosovo War.

However, Smith has gained a lot of popularity for his work in the criminal investigations of former US President Donald Trump.

His face has been prominently featured across social media and TV channels, with a lot of people around the world being aware of the US attorney.

This includes a lot of Ted Lasso fans, who seem to have been blown away by his striking resemblance to Coach Beard.

Weirdly, a side-by-side comparison of the two shows very similar facial features. This includes a very similar beard, with Smith also boasting a rugged facial hairstyle with a little bit of white beard around his chin area.

Is Coach Beard related to Jack Smith?

Not just that, even their expressions and general ‘serious’ appearance look to be exactly the same – with the similarity being extremely uncanny.

This has got a lot of fans to start wondering about whether the two actually might be related to each other or something.

To answer that question, then no there is no proof of Smith and Coach Beard’s actor Brendan Hunt being related to each other. While they are both American, they aren’t even from the same states – with Smith born and raised up in & around New York – while Hunt grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

Some have even noted that Smith seems to have a personality and speaking style like Coach Beard after he gained fame for announcing the charges against Trump.

While they might not be related, the sheer similarity in appearance between the US attorney and Beard means that if an unknowing person was shown them together – they’d probably be unable to tell them apart or that they aren’t related.