Why Man City Fans Think Ted Lasso Star Jason Sudeikis is One of Them

The Ted Lasso craze has taken over the world of football. The endearing TV series about a fictional American coach taking over an English football club is both hilarious and highly emotional.

Jason Sudeikis has excelled as the titular character and become a big favourite among football fans.

His craze has gone to a level when Ted Lasso and his side AFC Richmond were also added to the FIFA 23 game – where you can play as the team and even use the character in manager mode!

Despite his impressive depiction of a stereotypical, ‘clueless’ American manager with little to no footballing knowledge – Sudeikis has become a big fan of the beautiful game himself.

He can often be seen attending Premier League games and recently even attended Chelsea’s match against AC Milan in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge.

But it appears like the Ted Lasso star is actually a fan of Manchester City – a team which actually featured in season 2 of his show.

Indeed, City were the one that embarrassed them in an FA Cup game in a hilarious fashion.

While they were depicted as this ‘nasty giant’ on that occasion as they humiliated the poor AFC Richmond side, it appears that they remain a favourite club for the key cast member of the show itself as well.

Sudeikis was recently pictured wearing and buying Man City merchandise.

He was also accompanied by Brendan Hunt, who is his co-star in the Ted Lasso show and plays the role of his weird assistant manager, Coach Beard.

The American actor seems to have done quite a lot of shopping from the City megastore, having bought a number of jerseys as well as other goodies for himself or probably someone close to him.

Of course, in a ‘fictional sense’ – this is an act of betrayal as Lasso would never buy a kit of a team like City after the way his AFC Richmond side were defeated by them in the show’s season.

But it appears that when he isn’t playing his funny character on camera, Sudeikis is a big fan of Pep Guardiola and his highly-entertaining team.

Well, City fans seem to love him and have taken this opportunity to try to start a funny trend.

That is Sudeikis (or Ted Lasso) to replace Guardiola when he ultimately leaves the club.

A lot of fans are advocating for him to be appointed by the club, while some also want some of his fictional players (like Danny Rojas or Jamie Tartt) to be brought with him.