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Son Heung-min hangs out with Ted Lasso stars, one of whom is a massive Arsenal fan

Son Heung-min hangs out with Ted Lasso stars, one of whom is a massive Arsenal fan

Aside from his mercurial talents, Spurs star Son Heung-min is also known for being one of the nicest guys in football.

His charming smile is a sight to behold and his fellow teammates have often remarked on the positive vibes that radiate from the South Korean international.

The forward may have finally met his match in that regard if a certain TV show is anything to go by.

Son recently welcomed a visit from ‘Ted Lasso’ stars Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt.

Sudeikis plays the titular character, one who is rather clumsy as far as the laws of the game are concerned but his infection positivity is something to write home about, something he has in tandem with the Spurs star.

Brendan Hunt on the other hand plays ‘Coach Beard’, Ted’s right-hand man and assistant coach.

Hunt also happens to be a fan of rival team Arsenal, and by the looks of it, he wasn’t exactly thrilled to meet the man who has given many Gooners headaches in the past.

While Sudeikis looks joyous as ever, Hunt offers a solitary thumbs up alongside a stern expression on his face, clearly a Gooner through and through.

The picture invited a bit of speculation from fans, with some even suggesting a possible cameo by Son in the next season of the show.

It certainly is possible considering a follow-up season will probably showcase AFC Richmond’s exploits in the Premier League.

Whether that comes to fruition or not, the prospect of seeing Son alongside Ted Lasso is an exciting one.