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Fans Are Calling Arsenal Exec Tim Lewis to Fix His Disastrous Hairline

Fans Are Calling Arsenal Exec Tim Lewis to Fix His Disastrous Hairline

Arsenal’s non-executive director Tim Lewis’ impressive behind-the-scenes work has attracted praise from a lot of fans in recent years, but what supporters don’t seem to like is his current hairline.

The Englishman is a childhood supporter of the Gunners and has played a pretty significant role in fixing their state since joining in 2020.

Lewis is a corporate lawyer by profession and has maintained a working relationship with Stan Kroenke, Arsenal owner, for over 2015.

In fact, he is known for acting as an advisor to the American businessman when he initially took over the club in 2007 and raised his holding stakes in the club in 2018.

Who is Joe Lewis and why is he trending?

The role of Lewis might be strictly ‘behind the scenes’, but he actually holds a very powerful position and a lot of moving power in the management.

As per The Athletic, any significant expenditure towards new signings or similar goes through him. If Arsenal want to sign a new player, he and the other directors need to give their approval before it can be pursued.

Lewis was also seen in Arsenal’s Amazon documentary and has also helped Mikel Arteta multiple times.

He helped offer the Spaniard reassurance over his role at the club when he was going through a difficult patch in his first few seasons.

While he has little football knowledge, the Englishman is an avid Gooner and loves travelling to the Emirates Stadium for matches.

He was actually even seen in a recent game that involved Arsenal and AS Monaco in the Emirates Cup.

The game was a special one because it also marked the unveiling of the newest Arsene Wenger trophy outside the stadium.

Lewis was seen sitting beside the ex-Arsenal gaffer in the VIP box and fans immediately noticed one annoying thing about him.

It appears that Lewis might be suffering from a bad case of male baldness and he doesn’t seem to care about it either.

As he stood beside Wenger, who still looks like a model at the age of 73 and boasts a head full of beautiful hair, the Arsenal director was beside him with a hilarious receding hairline.

Arsenal fans desperate plea to Lewis

Lewis appears to have only the back side of his forehead with hair in it and there is nothing but baldness towards the front.

This has annoyed a lot of Arsenal fans, who desperately want him to get rid of this weird hairstyle.

The Englishman has been urged to shave off all the hair from his head and just accept his balding issue by going fully bald.

His receding hairline isn’t exactly something new either.

Indeed, Lewis seems to be suffering from this issue for well over a year now and showed signs of a receding hairline when he posed alongside the Arsenal hierarchy for the unveiling of Oleksandr Zinchenko in 2022.

At this point, the best possible option for the Arsenal exec director is probably to shave everything off and just don a bald look.

Otherwise, there are other options that he could look in order to fix his hairline too.

In fact, he could probably consult the Gunners’ defender Gabriel Magalhaes on some tips to cure his baldness.

The Brazilian defender publicly recorded his hair transplant process last year and now boasts a pretty good hairline with quite a lot of hair.

Lewis could opt for a similar procedure to fix himself and make himself look more presentable with a better hairline.

The Englishman doesn’t seem to care about his balding situation, but considering that fans get to see him more often on TV, it could be ideal for him to finally do something on changing his weird hairline to ensure supporters don’t every time they look at him.