Look at Arsenal director Josh Kroenke and England manager Gareth Southgate vibe to Adele

The crowd at Adele’s live television event was rife with familiar faces like Stormzy, Britney Spears and Samuel L. Jackson.

However, football fans watching the event couldn’t help but notice Arsenal director Josh Kroenke and England manager Gareth Southgate in the congregation, grooving to the singer’s soulful voice.

Known to be a personality that eludes the public eye, spotting Kroenke in the concert at the London Palladium came as a shock to one and all.

Son of owner Stan Kroenke, Josh was taped vibing to the ever-popular “Rolling in the Deep” in the very front row, seemingly lost in the melody.

Southgate wasn’t too far behind Kroenke, although looking relatively subdued as he clapped away at the beats whilst gently swaying in harmony with the others around him.  

The short video involving these two attendees has gone viral on social media and has been the recipient of some hearty comedy from fans.

The 30-year-old singer too seemed to enjoy Southgate’s presence, as the two exchanged pleasantries during the event.

Adele applauded the manager’s efforts during England’s Euro 2020 run, and slyly put in a request to be enlisted into the English squad, a quip that was met with uproarious laughter from the crowd.