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Watch: Antonio Conte goes berserk after hard-fought win over Leeds United

Watch: Antonio Conte goes berserk after hard-fought win over Leeds United

Antonio Conte is an energetic figure, to say the least. The Italian can be very expressive on the touchline and often maniacal with his celebrations.

His highlights on the touchline include climbing the roof of the Italian bench in a game against Spain and diving into the arms of fans following a last-gasp winner at West Ham among others.

Last night’s game against Leeds was a perfect example of the spirit Antonio Conte brings.

During a lacklustre first half which saw Spurs trailing to Leeds, Conte was a visibly frustrated figure.

The fans, clearly fed up at the uninspired performances by the team so far this season began to boo the players as they went into the tunnel for halftime.

When the second half began, however, it was an entirely different story.

The players clearly must’ve found inspiration in the halftime team talk by Conte as they looked a different side.

The Italian manager made sure he got exactly what he wanted from the players, standing outside his technical area for most of the half, he kept shouting and demanding more from his players.

Contesting every decision and not letting his players get away with anything, Conte looked tireless.

When the final whistle rang, a passionate Conte turned around faced the fans and raised his hands up almost punching the air.

This expression of raw passion instantly whipped up the crowd who cheered loudly for him, Conte then proceeded to dish out vigorous, almost violent hugs to his assistants and players.