Revealed: The kooky nicknames Antonio Conte has adopted for his Tottenham players


Recently-arrived gaffer Antonio Conte seems to be settling in well at his new job with Spurs. So much so that in his limited time in North London, he has already picked up on some hilariously kooky nicknames for his players and doesn’t shy away from using them in public.

In his recent press address, the former Inter Milan boss was asked about what his midfield will look like given the array of choices he has at his disposal.

To this, the Italian’s response included interjections of puerile sounds which were actually nicknames of his team’s midfielders.

The list included Hobby (Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg), Winky (Harry Winks) and Skippy (Olivier Skipp).

The Spurs fans were in splits, as their rather intimidating midfield was made to sound like the beloved characters on the kids show Teletubbies by their own boss.

A hilarious picture posted in the comments showed that the names were strikingly similar to the names of Pac-Man ghosts as well!

Eccentric nick-naming aside, testing times await for Conte and his men given how Tottenham have fared so far. They’ll be looking to liven their campaign up against Leeds United, which will be their first assignment post the international break. 

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