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The Curious Case Of Antonio Conte’s Salary And Ryanair Flights

The Curious Case Of Antonio Conte’s Salary And Ryanair Flights

Antonio Conte might be nearing the end of his stint as Tottenham Hotspur manager, but at least he can boast of having a lavish salary . This comes after the Italian manager unleashed an amazing rant at his Spurs players following their 3-3 draw against Southampton, calling the players out for buckling under pressure and the owners for encouraging 20 years of mediocrity.

Conte appears to have mentally checked out of his job as Spurs manager and is kind of asking to be sacked by the management after his shocking insults at the club.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is reportedly ready to part ways with him later this week, meaning the Lilywhites could have a new manager in place for their Premier League clash against Everton on April 3.

Conte flies Ryanair

Soon after the Southampton loss, Conte is rumored to have flown back to Italy as he waits to get a verdict on his future at the club. With most of the players on international duty, there is no real point in him staying at North London either.

Amid this, a video has popped up where the Italian manager can be seen flying in a public flight Ryanair in economy class as well. This has created a debate on exactly how much his net worth is for the decorated manager to fly in economy class.

But it doesn’t appear that this is a one-time thing either. Conte seems to be quite fond of flying Ryanair, which is known to be a more economical aircraft across Europe.

In 2019, the Ryanair Italy Twitter account even posted a picture of Conte posing with their crew members on a flight.

A fan even caught the Italian manager last year traveling around in RyanAir, documenting the entire thing for the entire world to see.

Normally, clubs pay for their managers or players to travel on official duty (aka games) but personal trips are unlikely to be covered. So it appears that Conte just seemingly likes saving money on flights and opting to travel in budget airlines like Ryanair instead.

How cheap is it for Conte to travel via Ryan Air?

Conte appears to be really serious about saving as much money as possible in his life. This is even though he is rumored to earn a £15 million yearly salary at Spurs, which is equal to around £ 280,000 a week.

A flight from Turin to London via Ryan Air, or vice versa, can cost as little as £12 if booked under the right circumstances and way earlier than the boarding date. Even though he is a millionaire and can easily fly private jets, Conte seems to have this unusual habit of flying cheap aircraft.

Conte also has a history of being paid well and also earning money from compensation packages after being sacked by Chelsea and Inter in the past. He reportedly earned over £25 million from Chelsea after being sacked in 2018.

Irrespective, he definitely has the money to at least fly business class (if not private). He is yet to publicly reveal why exactly he opts to fly on public flights for so cheap, but the entire thing is bizarre.

What severance package will Conte get from Spurs?

Conte can really benefit financially from being sacked by Tottenham soon because that would mean he receives another lucrative compensation package to boost his finances.

The Italian gaffer reportedly will receive a £15 million compensation package if he has his contract terminated earlier than when it was expected to expire. Considering that Tottenham is now strongly contemplating doing just that later this week, that means Conte can become even richer with the impressive pay-off.

The Italian manager probably won’t mind getting sacked as much either. He realizes his worth and value and the fact that many teams will be vying to appoint him as manager once he leaves Spurs. Moreover, after earning that much money in one go, perhaps Conte can finally be convinced to fly business class or in luxurious aircraft and stop flying RyanAir.