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Former Man United Player Patrice Evra Joins Irn Bru Fan Club

Former Man United Player Patrice Evra Joins Irn Bru Fan Club

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra was recently on an episode of LadBible TV’s ‘Snack Wars’ where he tried out Scotland’s ‘national drink’ Irn Bru.

For that unknowing, Snack Wars is a YouTube show where the UK and USA’s most popular food are presented to a celebrity to decide which country reigns supreme. In Evra’s case, it was British snacks vs French Snacks!

Evra drinks Irn Bru

Of course, the French snacks reigned supreme in Evra’s case – but he had a surprise reaction to tasting Irn Bru for the first time. Irn Bru was pit alongside a popular French beverage Orangina.

The Frenchman was initially skeptical about Irn Bru, indicating that ‘it looks like a beer’.

He claimed that the Orangina ‘looked romantic’ and about wanting to kiss it.

But after tasting Irn Bru for the first time, Evra was almost gobsmacked and gave a reaction similar to Shaq’s on Hot Ones. He was pleasantly surprised by its taste and even went for a quick second sip.

Evra seemed impressed by it, stating ‘OK my Scottish people, you got me on this one!’.

He actually loved it so much that he chose to give a point to Irn Bru over Orangina – aiming to choose the Scottish drink over his well-known beverage of France.

Scottish Twitter loves Evra’s reaction

Irn Bru is a carbonated Scottish drink that was launched in 1901 in Scotland, it contains 32 flavors and comes in a can or plastic bottle. The people of Scotland have had it all through their lives and are delighted to see a Frenchman fall in love with it as well.

Most of Scottish Twitter love the quirky reaction of Evra upon drinking it for the first time and how it probably reminded them of the first time they drank Irn Bru!

However, some have also indicated that the stuff he drank is not the original flavor that was launched in 1901.

Evra ended the ‘Snack Wars’ episode by giving French snacks the win. But the fact that Irn Bru got a point for Britain and attracted such a hilarious reaction from the funny ex-United left-back is probably an indication that everyone who visits Scotland should give it a try at least once.