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New footage shows Luis Suarez running straight towards Andrew Robertson after Messi’s goal

New footage shows Luis Suarez running straight towards Andrew Robertson after Messi’s goal

Love him or hate him, we can all agree that Luis Suarez is one of the deadliest strikers in the world right now. After making waves at Ajax, he became one of Liverpool’s talismanic strikers before making the move to Catalonia in 2014 to spearhead Barca’s front line.

But it’s not just goals that he is talked about, for Suarez has a reputation of being “controversy’s child”. Almost as well known for his antics as he is for his attacking prowess, Suarez is difficult to keep quiet.

Controversies such as the racial abuse of Patrice Evra, handling the ball on the goal-line to deny Ghana a goal in the FIFA WC and biting incidents of Chiellini and Ivanovic have marred a stellar career.

And he was at it again when Barca played Liverpool in the UCL semi-final first leg at the Camp Nou, although it came in less drastic circumstances. Instead, Suarez wheeled away in celebration as he scored Barca’s first goal of the night.

This left Reds fans irritated and hurt, as it was a bitter pill to swallow for them, who supported the Uruguayan through thick and thin during his time in Merseyside.

There was no love lost, as Barca’s number 9 celebrated in delight instead of having muted celebrations against his former employers.

But while that was the talk of the town, there was another incident that went under the radar that involved Suarez and Andrew Robertson.

During the celebrations Barca’s third goal (Messi’s sublime free-kick), Suarez can be seen giving it to the Liverpool left-back as he joined in on celebrations with Messi and co. The Uruguayan appears to run straight towards Robbo, in an attempt to taunt him as he does so.

Barca won the home leg 3-0 thanks to Suarez’s goal and Messi’s brace. And with Suarez playing villain in the first leg for his antics, he is sure to get the welcome Reds fans believe he deserves when he steps out onto the Anfield turf for the second leg.