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Cute photo of Luis Suarez’s son appearing to bite him during Barcelona celebrations goes viral

Cute photo of Luis Suarez’s son appearing to bite him during Barcelona celebrations goes viral

Luis Suarez – One of the most prolific strikers of this generation, as well as a very controversial and dividing figure. On the one hand there’s the genius on the pitch and quiet and steady life off of it, and on the other there’s the dental antics.

The 32-year-old Uruguay international has enjoyed immense success on Catalan soil since leaving Merseyside in 2014, acquiring legendary status among Barca fans and the ire of many neutrals worldwide due to the sheer ridiculousness of his behaviour on pitch at times, such as racial abuse, when he was accused of using slurs against Patrice Evra, or the infamous handball incident which subsequently led to Ghana’s elimination from the 2010 World Cup, earning Suaréz the hatred of an entire country, or biting Giorgio Chiellini’s arm during the 2014 iteration of the tournament.

Despite that, there is no arguing that the forward is immensely gifted, as not only does his scoring record show how much of an impact he has made at every major club he’s been at, and the Uruguayan national team, but his movement, agility, balance, ruthlessness inside and outside the box, and ability to find goals where there are none also show his intelligence and the presence of a footballing brain, if one can successfully overlook the theatrics and dirty play at times.

Uruguay’s all time top scorer, and one of the best players in Liverpool and Barcelona’s record books, Suarez isn’t a stranger to winning silverware. His impact might have waned in the last couple of years, but he still shows his ability to compete at the highest level, certainly no higher level than one of the best teams of this era of football who have one of the undisputed greatest players of all time in Lionel Messi. Suaréz has scored 24 goals and assisted a further 12 in 47 games in all competitions, helping Barcelona to the 8th La Liga title in 11 years, which took them to 26 total league titles. Staggering numbers, indeed.

However, Luis’s son has rather comically shown a few of the same aspects as his dad, pictured biting him during the title ceremony. Children do learn a lot from their parents, after all, although one would assume that this is probably not the best emulation of the incredibly talented centre forward.

Barcelona are in a very comfortable position, having wrapped up Messi’s first title as captain, and having secured a place in the Copa Del Rey final against Sevilla, and are favourites to win the UEFA Champions League this season.