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Dutch analyst Rene van der Gijp’s comments on Lionel Messi’s free-kick are oddly on-point

Dutch analyst Rene van der Gijp’s comments on Lionel Messi’s free-kick are oddly on-point

We have all known for a while that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest, if not, the greatest footballer of the modern era. The Argentine has primarily found competition in a Portuguese winger who currently plies his trade in Italy. But while there still are traces of that epic rivalry, Messi seems to have taken center-stage since Ronaldo’s move to Juventus.

The little magician is renowned for his exquisite control, slaloming runs that terrorize defenses and leave even the best defenders on their backs, perfect passes that set up the play, and assists that could never have been imagined.

But most importantly, it’s the sheer quantity and quality of the goals that leaves the world breathless.

And in this regard, Leo was at it again as Barcelona welcomed Liverpool to the Nou Camp for their UCL semi-final first leg.

Messi rounded off a stellar Barca performance, seeing off Liverpool 3-0. A goal from former Red Luis Suarez and a brace from Messi sealed the deal.

It was the second of his goals that stole the show, with Messi whipping in an astounding pin-point free-kick from 35 yard out. It really was a thing of beauty.

Incidentally, that goal was his 600th in a Barca shirt, leading wild celebrations from himself and the vast majority of the Nou Camp. Talk about scoring your 600th in style!

Often dubbed as “The GOAT” and believed to hail “from another planet”, Lionel Messi’s free-kick brought out comments from ex-Dutch winger and now TV football pundit, Rene van der Gijp.

Reacting to Messi’s gem of a free-kick, Gijp stated that it must be forbidden to score a goal like that from a set-piece. He also suggested that such a quality goal should warrant a booking.

One would assume that he means these comments in humor, with the quality of the free-kick and it’s jaw-dropping and near law-defying trajectory leaving all those who witnessed it in awe, being the gist of the comments. Such was the genius of Messi, that it even left Reds manager Jurgen Klopp wonder-struck.

Funnily enough, Gijp’s words do make sense in a way, considering that the man… nay, the phenomenon at the center of it all is Lionel Messi, full to the brim with otherworldly talent.

And as long as we’re served with masterclass after masterclass, we can expect similar statements to be made; all in praise of King Leo, of course!