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Football Twitter Mourns The Death Of Soccer AM

Football Twitter Mourns The Death Of Soccer AM

Sky Sports have decided to cancel their popular sports show Soccer AM at the end of the season, something that has left Football Twitter stunned.

Soccer AM is a football-based comedy talk show that is hosted by ex-Fulham midfielder Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley.

The show has been going on since 1995 and has undergone a number of presenter changes too.

Soccer AM gained popularity for being an unorthodox, informal show that promoted funny challenges and quality banter to entertain its viewers.

Sky Sports have decided to cut it for some reason, leaving a lot of fans gutted.

How fans reacted to news of Soccer AM being cut

Soccer AM was directed towards the young-adult generation of football fans – with enticing tasks like ‘You know the Drill’ where Bullard showcased prime shooting technique for watchers.

There were featurettes like ‘Sky Spoof News’ where the presenters spoofed Sky Sports News’ Soccer Saturday show.

A controversial featurette was also popular in Soccer AM named ‘Soccerrette’.

Here, a young female would model a Soccer AM t-shirt and be interviewed by a male presenter on personal questions.

She was asked if she was single and would get huge cheers if answered yes and boos if they’re revealed to have a boyfriend or are married.

Fans have started to compile some of their most memorable moments from the Sky Sports show.

Former Sky Sports presenter Chris Kamara was also involved with the show in his career, as he reminisced about the good times by posting himself riding a bicycle as a school girl.

There is another hilarious skit of him going through a number of clubs’ dressing rooms, with his introduction of Portsmouth’s dressing room gaining cult status.

Then there’s also a brilliant throwback to one challenge called ‘Wembley’ where contestants had to kick a ball into the hole through the ‘B’ letter of the word.

One of the best ‘Wembley’ episodes featured the popular British comedy Mitchell and Webb (David Mitchell and Paul Webb) –  whose hilarious takes at kicking the ball through the whole is hilarious to this day.

There were even ‘Dance Off’ segments in the show, that are really memorable to this day because of how quirky and off-the-boat they were.

Even though Soccer AM might only have 10 more episodes remaining, the amount of memorable funny material the show has produced will live on long in the memories of many fans.