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FSG Sympathizer Chris Pajak Blasts Liverpool Owners Over Jude Bellingham Saga

FSG Sympathizer Chris Pajak Blasts Liverpool Owners Over Jude Bellingham Saga

The Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have incurred the wrath of Liverpool fans by deciding against selling the clubs and even their most devoted defenders like Chris Pajak have grown sick of them.

Pajak is a core member of the Redmen TV YouTube channel and has received a lot of criticism in the past for standing up for FSG and trusting their process.

However, that appears to have changed after the bombshell that was dropped on the Jude Bellingham chase.

It has been reported that Liverpool is unlikely to sign Bellingham in the summer as they do not want to get into a bidding war for his transfer with the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester City.

This seems to have sent Pajak over the edge, forcing him to unleash a passionate rant on FSG.

What did Liverpool fan Chris Pajak say about FSG?

Pajak is fuming that Liverpool decided to waste two years and not sign a quality midfielder in order to wait for Bellingham, only for FSG to back out of that chase eventually.

He’s lashed out at the American owners for being ‘blood stupid’ in feeding information that the Reds weren’t signing midfielders for the last few years just to wait on Bellingham becoming available.

Liverpool have struggled to find the right pattern of midfielders this season and their midfield core being too old has ended up costing them.

Pajak is also bamboozled that FSG doesn’t want to get into a bidding war for Bellingham due to his high value and wasted the prospect of signing multiple midfielders in recent years for him.

He’s infuriated at how Liverpool wasted a year waiting on the English midfielder only to back out because they feel Bellingham won’t join them.  

This rant is rather surprising because Pajak has been defending FSG from criticism for recent years, at the expense of some Liverpool fans believing he’s been paid by John Henry to mouth positivity towards him.

Pajak gains Liverpool fans’ respect after FSG rant

Chris Pajak’s emotional rant on the American owners have helped him earn a lot of respect from his fellow supporters, who have wanted FSG out for a long time.

Some fans believe his fellow Redmen TV presenter Paul Maych has kept him quiet from mouthing off on the owners.

He’s mostly thrilled Liverpool fans with hitting the correct points on his recent rant.

The Bellingham news seems to have the final straw for FSG, who are now experiencing the wrath of even the most positive fans and will need to do something spectacular in the summer window to win back the supporters’ trust.