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Meet the Lookalike Brother Of Olivier Giroud That Has Fans In Awe

Meet the Lookalike Brother Of Olivier Giroud That Has Fans In Awe

It’s common for siblings to share physical similarities, but few can match the striking resemblance between Olivier Giroud and his older brother.

While Giroud is often underrated as a player, his fashion sense is widely recognized as top-notch.

His unique style frequently impresses fans, but this time, it’s his resemblance to his brother Romain that’s making waves online.

Who is Romain Giroud?

Romain Giroud is Olivier’s brother who was also a footballer. But he never made it to a professional career. He represented France U-15 and U-17 alongside stars like Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet, and Nicolas Anelka.

Romain decided to become a Nutritionist after abruptly ending his premature football career, his choices disappointed his family and Olivier himself who was 6 at that time. Olivier described his brother’s “hope” in the interview:

He was trained at Auxerre, he was a hope, but he never had a professional career.

Olivier on his brother

If only Romain had continued with his football career we might have seen a brother duo in the French national team.

A video has surfaced online, in which Olivier Giroud is seen watching his brother giving an emotional message to the Frenchman.

In this interview, Romain talks about the impact that Giroud had on him in making a career choice. Romain is a nutritionist and was quoted in the interview with Telefoot:

For me, you are the best player in the world. I never told you, but through you, I made the career that I never managed to make.

Romain on Olivier Giroud

The Striking Likeness Between Olivier Giroud and His Doppelganger Brother

While the message was very emotional, most of the fans were shocked to see the resemblance between the Giroud brothers.

One fan shared his view that Romain looks like the Olivier Giroud from the future that has come to save the planet from climate change. While this apocalyptic theory is baseless, the resemblance is so similar that fans might not recognize if Romain changes his hairstyle and dons the AC Milan shirt.

One user commented that this is the look Olivier would have in 2030. Although Olivier is known for his style, we haven’t seen him with long hair. Maybe he might get inspired by his brother.

Another user had a hilarious response to this resemblance. He said that it is Olivier himself just with a wig and beard.

Although Romain and Olivier have a difference of 10 years, they show the resemblance of twins. Even if there is a huge difference in age, it is believed that Olivier and his brother share a very deep bond and this interview, which is in French, highlights the same.