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Is Eden Hazard Really A Muslim? Real Madrid Star Faces Backlash For Eating Pork

Is Eden Hazard Really A Muslim? Real Madrid Star Faces Backlash For Eating Pork

Eden Hazard has an infamous reputation for his love for eating junk food, but his latest munches go against his religion. The Real Madrid is under threat of becoming a forgotten thought, as he’s not really being used much by the La Liga club and has even retired from the Belgium national team.

The winger still has a contract until 2024 and appears to be focused on seeing out the entirety of his stint at Madrid. This is despite him only having made seven appearances all season long for Real Madrid and not being in the club’s plans after seemingly playing for them with shocking weight issues earlier this season.

At this point, it appears that Hazard has accepted his fate and is ready to sit on the bench for a few games and enjoy life in his free time. He got some free time during the international break, as the winger isn’t bothered about international games anymore. He’s seemingly used this time to give his tastebuds some excitement with an eating quest, but it has found him in the hot water.

Eden Hazard’s Muslim faith in question after eating ‘Suckling Pig’

Soon after Madrid’s 2-1 loss to Barcelona in La Liga, Hazard – like the other players – went their ways at the start of the international break. Hazard decided to take a trip to Segovia, a city in Spain, to visit a famous restaurant called ‘Meson de Candido’.

The restaurant’s Instagram account confirmed this by posting a picture of Hazard with the chefs and a caption that read: “Look who ate today at #MesonDeCandido. Thank You Eden Hazard, player of Real Madrid for coming and trying our suckling pig.”

The picture showed a whole pig cooked in front of Hazard, who appears to have visited the restaurant to try out their specialized dish. This, however, has gotten him in trouble and attracted a lot of criticism.

That is because Pork (or Pig) is considered Haram for Muslims. It is considered as a strictly forbidden food and members of the community don’t even touch pork, less eat it. Hazard is, of course, a Muslim who has even visited Mecca during Hajj and has been seen practicing the religion too.

That being said, some Muslims – who are not that strict in believing some of the customs of their religion – do tend to eat pork at times – and it seems Hazard falls into that category.

Eden only converted to Islam later in his career, because his parents aren’t Muslim, hence that could explain his love for eating pork and deciding to eat the Suckling Pig despite his religion.

Eden Hazard loves eating junk food

The Belgium winger has earned a notorious reputation in recent years for his love of eating junk, unhealthy food – especially during his vacation. Hazard has not denied it as well, confessing in interviews that he likes to give into his eating urges and eat junk food like burgers, pizzas, and more.

Hazard became a bit of a meme after a trend of burgers was released in Belgium in 2021, one of which involved the ‘Eden Hazard burger’ and showed a picture of him salivating at a picture of a Mcdonald’s burger.

The Belgian winger has been regularly criticized by Spanish media for turning up to Real Madrid’s pre-season campaigns clearly overweight in recent years. He also hasn’t been helped by persistent injuries that have kept his Madrid career from ever taking flight.

Even though it now appears that Hazard is closing in on the end of his career, at least the winger hasn’t lost his appetite for tasty food and seems ready to risk the wrath of fans by eating food that is forbidden in his religion.