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What Eden Hazard said during bus parade that made Real Madrid players pounce on him

What Eden Hazard said during bus parade that made Real Madrid players pounce on him

Eden Hazard‘s move to Real Madrid back in 2019 was surrounded by plenty of fanfare. The mega-money transfer had long been rumoured, and eventually came to fruition when the Belgian had firmly established himself as one of the best players in the world. 

Unfortunately, his tenure in Spain so far has been underwhelming, to say the least. 

With only 66 appearances for the club in 3 years, the former Chelsea man has been sidelined with injuries for a majority of the period. With a mammoth price tag of €100m+ hovering over his head, Hazard had plenty to prove, however, long term injuries have made the task impossible. 

Nevertheless, the forward now looks to turn over a new leaf, and he did so by announcing his intentions to the thousands of Madridistas that gathered at the Plaza De Cibeles to celebrate La Catorce. 

As in this clip, Real Madrid players are stationed on top of a bus, surrounded by swarms of supporters on all sides. 

The 31-year-old took over the mic and delivered a speech that is going viral online. The Belgian said, “These have been three difficult years but next year, I will give everything for you guys. I’m sure that next year will be mine, I’ve no doubts.”

After he publicly made a vow, his teammates rushed to embrace him, and the entire team then began to chant emphatically with Hazard at the heart of it all. 

The lovely moment goes on to show that despite his woes on the pitch, he’s adored by his teammates off it. 

A big test awaits the Belgian next season, especially after his declaration. Fans will certainly be hoping that Hazard comes back to his best again.