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Antonio Conte gets new chant based on his ban on sauce on mayo

Antonio Conte gets new chant based on his ban on sauce on mayo

Antonio Conte is a larger-than-life character both on and off the pitch. 

The Italian’s appointment as Spurs manager has brought with it new hopes and expectations, earning him plaudits and chants, despite it being only over just a month since his arrival.

On the back of some good performances in the league, Spurs faithful seem to have composed a fine new chant for the 52-year-old head coach.

Sung to the tune of Liverpool’s famous chant Allez Allez Allez, which in turn was inspired by the Italian song “L’Estate Sta Finendo” (“The Summer Is Ending”) by Righeira, Conte’s newest chant is accompanied by some interesting lyrics –

“Tottenham’s Godfather

Antonio Conte

First, he banned the Ketchup

Then he banned the Mayonnaise”

The lyrics were a reference to the dietary changes introduced by Conte following his appointment as Spurs head coach. The Italian manager had brought similar changes while he was at Chelsea, and considers it as part of being professionals.

Spurs fans were spotted belting the new chant at Shelf Bar in the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, videos of which has found their way online, drawing some amazing reactions.

“Why is this actually such a banger lmao,” opined one fan, while another fan appeared to hold the chant even in higher regard, saying “surely a future number 1 track.”

Conte has managed Tottenham for 8 games in all competitions so far this season, winning 4 while drawing 3, and a single loss coming in Europa Conference League against Slovenian club, Mura.