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Video: The new “Allez” chant from Arsenal fans made its debut during Napoli win

Video: The new “Allez” chant from Arsenal fans made its debut during Napoli win

A lot of aspects define the way the result of a game of football tips. The most common ones are quite predictable – the quality of the players in a team, the chemistry between them, the manager’s tactics on display and the confidence of the team going into the game.

While all these factors directly influence the game, there is another factor that is ever-present and often decides the fate of a game – the fans.

When a club has fans that are charged up, vociferous, and ready to take on the world, that energy is channelled into the team. It drives them to achieve greater heights, gives them purpose and instills a feeling of invincibility.

Ironic cheers for mistakes from the opposition, flags and banners showcasing their support, pyrotechnics on display to taunt the opposition, sticking by the team till the end of the game; these are some methods that keep the team going. But the most effective one of them all is chants from the 12th Man, that pour in all throughout the game.

With the entire support singing in one voice, supporting individual players and the team alike, intimidating the opponents and just purely entertaining to listen to or be a part of – chants are at the top of the list of things that fire the team up.

A new chant that made its debut recently was Arsenal fans’ variation of the ‘Allez’ chant, made famous by Liverpool fans. Excellently modified to suit the Gunners, the chant came into being when Arsenal hosted Napoli in the Europa League quarter-final.

Arsenal ran away as 2-0 winners, and this chant is sure to have played its part in firing up the Arsenal players and keeping the fans and players engaged.

Lyrically a masterpiece, reactions to this chant are all over the place, with Liverpool fans not impressed with the Gooners’ adaptation of their famous chant; while Arsenal fans are buzzing at the catchiness of their new song. For the neutrals though, it is the talk of the town.

Arsenal fans will not care about other opinions on their version of ‘Allez’, with the rendition featuring in what was a massive statement by Arsenal in their search for silverware, dominating Napoli in the first leg.

With a tough trip awaiting the Gunners, the fans will be hoping their new chant will assist their club as the ‘gun’ for glory –