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Harry Maguire slammed for dishonouring captain’s armband during Watford loss

Harry Maguire slammed for dishonouring captain’s armband during Watford loss

Manchester United’s woes continued away at Watford as they suffered yet another embarrassing setback at the hands of The Hornets.

The 4-1 rout was yet another entry in the ever-growing list of disconcerting score-lines boasted by United, and perfectly encapsulates the dim state of affairs as far as their defence is concerned.

Unsurprisingly, it was skipper Harry Maguire who had to face the music from the fans owing to his continued shoddy displays for the Red Devils.

At the 70th minute mark, the centre-back was found stuck on the ball right at the edge of the box with Tom Cleverly closing in. The Watford midfielder did manage to usurp possession, but only to be floored by a panicky Maguire.

The referee, having already booked the Englishman earlier on, didn’t have to think twice before bringing out a second yellow and showing the captain the way out for his untimed challenge.

Having had a calamitous outing for the umpteenth time, the frustrated defender scrapped the captain’s armband off his arm and furiously lunged it towards an approaching Bruno Fernandes, a gesture which has left the United supporters fuming.

Disgusted at his arrogance, Twitterati went after the English international saying “Hope he never gets to wear that band again.” and “first job for the new manager is to strip Maguire off his captaincy.”

This latest failure from Man United certainly did stir things up, as the board finally decided to part ways with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Moving forward, the Glazers would be looking to avail the services of club legend Michael Carrick, who has emerged as the leading contender for the position of interim manager.