Ishowspeed confusing Harry Maguire for a disability is the funniest thing you’ll see today

While Ishowspeed has become a popular name among football circles, the YouTuber still has plenty to learn about the beautiful game. 

Being a relative newcomer to the sport, the steamer has received help from his viewers, who frequently show him the ropes. They do so by flooding his comments section or posting to his subreddit, ensuring that he is well acquainted with the popular figures of the game. 

From Ronaldinho to Mo Salah, the fans have made sure that Speed has skimmed through them all, and recently he came across a certain Harry Maguire

The moment occurred when the YouTuber played a Tiktok shared on his subreddit with the title ‘Players who play with a disability’. 

Beginning on a sincere note, the clip displays Real Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez and his actual medical condition of diabetes. However, the clip then taps into the comical vein, as it displays Speed’s beloved ‘Crista Ronaldo’. His disability? ‘Plays with Maguire’.

An obvious nod to the striker’s teammate Harry Maguire, and his many defensive woes this season. Unfortunately, the YouTuber had no clue that ‘Maguire’ is an actual footballer. 

Instead, a grimace took over his face and he said, “is that some type of cancer or something?” “Please don’t be cancer, prayers to Crista Ronaldo”.

His genuine obliviousness, paired with him essentially referring to Harry Maguire as ‘cancer’ had the internet in splits. And the clip has now become another hilarious ishowspeed highlight.