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Can We Just Appreciate Harry Kane’s Acting Skills in This New Audi Ad

Can We Just Appreciate Harry Kane’s Acting Skills in This New Audi Ad

Harry Kane has hit the ground running in Germany almost instantly. Scoring goals at an absurd pace for Bayern Munich both domestically and in Europe.

With 39 goals and 12 assists in 39 games across all competitions, Kane is steamrolling through for Bayern, amplifying his numbers from his time at Tottenham.

However, even though Kane has been in such consistent rich vein of form for the Bavarians, it still wasn’t enough for the record champions to retain their Bundesliga crown as they were swatted aside to the league title by Bayer Leverkusen. Forcing head coach Thomas Tuchel to resign at the end of the season.

Regardless, Harry Kane has settled in quickly in this team, with his staggering numbers of goals and assists as proof of the assertion. But how is his new life in Germany treating him? Coming from England, while there certainly is some sporting change, Germany presents itself as whole new other culture.

Well, if the recent Audi ad is anything to go by, Harry Kane is doing well for himself at Bayern off the field too.

The advert which only dropped in Germany, celebrating the relationship between Bayern and Audi, is said to be showcasing a strong piece of acting from Harry Kane and his teammates Thomas Muller and Mathys Tel.

The feature, an advertisement for Audi’s new Q6 e-tron model, is disguised as Kane getting familiar with his new home. Travelling in it with Muller and Tel, Kane is asked about the destination of the drive, to which he replies ‘Umleitung’ which means ‘left turn’ in German.

With Tel confused, Muller is quick to remind him that ‘Umleitung’ is not a destination, but Kane two steps ahead as he has been on the field, assures him that he knows about it and that he’s just driving around casually to know his city better.

Really subtle acting from the entire cast, especially Kane who is portraying the role to perfection. More can’t be said about Muller’s performance who has already long established himself as the joker, content creator and talented entertainer of this club and football in general.

As usual, he had to add his own touch in the end, as he asked Kane if they could go to Einbahnstrasse, which Is once again is a German sign for ‘one way street’. Kane, oblivious of the word, affirms Muller that they surely could. Subtle.

Fans online are also calling for a BAFTA award, the British Academy Award for Acting, in Kane’s name and vouching for him for his niche performance in the advert.

The advert is also seen to be hilarious considering the only trophy Kane has ever won with Tottenham Hotspur is the Audi cup, a friendly pre-season tournament which was hosted by Bayern Munich itself. Funny how it’s all connected.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Harry Kane settling well in Munich and away from the pitch as well. His struggles to find a home in Munich were well documented and that prompted him to stay in a 7-star luxury hotel costing 10,000 pounds per night. After five months at the hotel, accumulating a bill well over 1 million euros, Kane thanks to Muller’s concern moved out of the hotel into his own place with his family.

Harry Kane has been adapting well to the life and culture of Munich. For a sportsperson of his stature, it’s imperative for him to find this balance to power his form on the field.

As the Bundesliga already slipped through his fingers, the Champions League is where he will need to show his best form. After a professional and efficient performance against Arsenal, Bayern Munich will be facing Real Madrid in the Semi Final where you can bet Kane will be having a big say as to where the tie will be won and lost.