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Inside Harry Kane’s First Christmas Away From Football In Years

Inside Harry Kane’s First Christmas Away From Football In Years

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s December already. The holiday spirit is all around us and the streets are all getting ready to be lightened up with festive decorations.

It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays with our families. With just four days to go, it seems that Harry Kane has clearly chalked out his Christmas plans.

The striker answered all the never-ending speculations about his future when he decided to move out from Tottenham Hotspur this summer for a staggering $100 million to take on a new challenge in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich.

But the change of environment hasn’t been as flawless as the English captain would have hoped. However, he has slowly adapted to his new surroundings and by the looks of it, he is really enjoying his time in Germany. The striker has finally settled down and is all prepared to welcome his family to Munich. With Christmas coming, nothing can be better than this.

It’s interesting to note that for the 30-year-old, this is going to be his first proper winter break. As opposed to the Premier League, the Bundesliga’s holiday policies are far more generous and liberal.

For the Premier League, there is no escaping the bustling match schedules even over the Christmas and New Year period. Unlike the leagues in Germany, France, and Spain, the Premier League traditionally continues playing during the Christmas holidays as well.

This year is no exception. A total of 18 league games are scheduled during the Christmas time. Each club will play three games between 21 December and 2 January, except for Manchester City and Brentford. Moreover, this year’s festive schedule includes the first Christmas Eve match in 28 years, with the Wolves hosting Chelsea.

Even though this season will see the return of the mid-season break, scheduled between January 15 and 29, the FA Cup fourth round will occur during the weekend. So planning any holiday trip goes out of the window. It is really tough being a Premier League player, isn’t it?

Moreover, many high-profile rivalries are planned just after Christmas Day to maximize viewership during holiday times. These matches are known as Boxing Day matches and are highlights of every league’s winter campaign. This year, a total of six boxing day matches are in the schedule.

This year, Amazon Prime has seized the opportunity to capitalize on this. They have announced the broadcasting of over 10 hours of football on Boxing Day – and a total of 10 games through to December 28. And guess who was on the cover for Prime’s Boxing Day campaign? It was Harry Kane himself.

Harry Kane filmed a light-hearted festive video for Amazon Prime to promote the event. The video also featured his replacement at Tottenham, Maddison.

And rightly so, there is ample time for Harry Kane to sit back and enjoy the Boxing Day matches on Amazon Prime from his couch. He doesn’t need to be a part of it on the field, unlike previous years.

Bayern Munich’s victorious match against Wolfsburg has marked the commencement of their winter holidays. The Bundesliga is all prepared to go on a halt for three weeks now.

”I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been tough here without the family for these four months, without the kids and without the wife.”.

Though the striker is reported to jet off to a warm destination for a 10-day family retreat. Kane has apparently planned a holiday to the beaches, where he is looking forward to spending some quality time with his wife, Katie, and two children. A savage Harry Kane is never going to miss this opportunity to rub it in the face of his former Tottenham colleagues.

“I will text my friends and mates on Boxing Day with a picture from the beach (Laughs)”. Kane revealed his plans to the reporter.

And rightly so, Tottenham is scheduled to play two league games in the Christmas week itself. On the other hand, Harry Kane will be away on a beach that week probably enjoying his life in a yacht. It’s surely a thing to be envious of.

But there’s no denying that it has been a tough year for the striker. Yet, Kane ends the 2023 calendar year with an impressive 51 goals to his name, combining contributions with Bayern Munich and Tottenham Hotspur (in the later part of 2022/23 season). And that’s not even accounting for his contributions to his National Team. We all wish Harry Kane the best for his holiday. He has really earned this one.