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Why Are FPL Managers Still Holding Onto 12.5M Harry Kane?

Why Are FPL Managers Still Holding Onto 12.5M Harry Kane?

As we walk into game week 18 of the Premier League, things are getting dicey and the EPL table is starting to show a glimpse of its final form.

In ten of the last 14 seasons, the team No. 1 on 25th of December has gone on to enjoy Premier League title success.

Teams are working extra hard to be on top of things as Christmas and Boxing day games are coming in hard and fast.

What this means for the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers is that they have to be on their toes and ready to collect all the stats, all the facts and all the players needed to gear up for this hectic schedule too.

After the debacle that gameweek 17 was for FPL, things have settled down and the FPL managers are nervously scouring through the website to garner as close to a perfect squad as they can.

Is Erling Haaland a good choice still even though city don’t have a game this week and Haaland is facing injury issues or should they transfer him out! Is bringing in Nkunku to bolster their attacks a good choice after the striker has made a return?

All these questions are probably circling around in your head but what has caught our attention is the baffling statistics of how many people still have Harry Kane as their choice of striker, still in their teams.

Turns out 70 odd people have finally transferred out Harry Kane out of their Fantasy squad this game week. That begs the question ‘what happened over there ?’

For those of you not paying attention, Harry Kane is now an FC Bayern Munich player since this August. Not only that, he has been overshadowing Erling Haaland in terms of goal scoring prowess. The man has scored 21 goals this season already and we are not even halfway there yet.

Makes sense to keep him in your fantasy squad but unfortunately it won’t be the Premier League fantasy squad anymore. Still some of the faithful had the 12.5 million worth of fantasy money stuck in that card.

Maybe they were still hopeful of the lad returning back to Spurs in the winter window. *wink wink*

Well, all jokes aside, it is probably due a more obvious reason that not all of the 10 million+ players who have joined the fantasy website to make a team, are active and playing. Makes sense that some of them made a team and forgot about it, hence the Harry Kane dilemma.

But what made them turn up and do the transfers now? Twitter and the FPL forums have been wondering about that. Some have speculated that maybe it is the holiday season and they probably got some free time on their hands to open the website finally.

As things would have it, at least there are people transferring Kane out. On the other side of things, people seem to be transferring Hugo Lloris in, who hasn’t played for spurs this season at all!

Outliers are bound to happen in any statistical scenario but we are glad some more competitors are back into the fray that is this fantasy league. Hopefully they realize what they are doing soon and are ready for this stormy season. At the halfway point into the season, things are getting very interesting indeed.

Get to work folks and remember the deadline for gameweek 18 is 6.30 PM Friday (GMT) i.e. about 8 hours from now. Good luck.