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Look: Central Cee Hops Onto Jude Bellingham Bandwagon In A Big Way

Look: Central Cee Hops Onto Jude Bellingham Bandwagon In A Big Way

Jude Bellingham has quickly become a household name in the European football scene since making his blockbuster move to Real Madrid and proving to be the best signing since, probably, Cristiano Ronaldo!

The Englishman has fit in like a glove at the Santiago Bernabeu and arguably gotten even better with the spotlight pointed at him.

So far, Bellingham has made his £100+ million fee look like a bargain going by the way in which he’s inspiring Los Blancos to win games.

He made an incredible El Clasico debut against Barcelona, scoring two late goals to sink them at their own stadium earlier this season.

With 17 goals and five assists in 20 appearances, Bellingham is making a dart for the 2024 Ballon d’Or award.

He is also garnering a huge surge in mainstream popularity among casual fans and celebrities as well. It appears that the UK rappers are now deciding to use some of his clout to attract more fans.

Recently, UK rap artist Central Cee decided to pay the ultimate homage to the Real Madrid sensation.

Cee’s hit single ‘Doja’ became the most streamed UK rap single in Spotify history earlier this year and another single ‘Sprinter’ held the number-one rap song position in the UK for 10 weeks!

Cee has already released two albums and is viewed as one of the best young rappers in the UK rap scene right now.

The 25-year-old has released a brand new single ‘Entrepreneur’ as a kind of a gift for his fans to enjoy during the Christmas season. He also released a music video for the same and decided to represent Bellingham in a big way.

In the preview of the music video, Central Cee can be seen wearing a Jude Bellingham version of Real Madrid’s current home kit. He is wearing the ‘Bellingham 5’ kit as he raps along in the video to showcase his love for the England national team star.

Not only that, but Cee also decided to post a picture on his Instagram of himself posing with the Bellingham 5 shirt. Rather amazingly, he also decided to tag the Ballon d’Or official Instagram account to almost vouch for how Bellingham deserves to win the trophy next year.

He has also seemingly started the Ballon d’Or campaign for Bellingham and fans just can’t seem to get enough of it at all.

Cee might be a big Bellingham fan, but he can’t exactly be called a Real Madrid fan. The 25-year-old seems to love wearing football kits in general, posing in Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool’s kits in the past.

Bellingham will probably be delighted to see such a promising young rapper pay a nice tribute to him in his music video, but this isn’t the first time that someone has represented him in a rap song.

During his days at Borussia Dortmund, the Englishman’s amazing performances convinced a Dortmund fan and German rapper M.I.K.I created a rap song for the midfielder.

The Jude Bellingham rap is a mix of having some lyrics in English and the rest in his native German language.

The chorus for the rap goes something like this ‘”Jude, Jude, Jude’ echoes from the stadium, you’re already playing better than young Mario, and back then he was considered the talent of the century, but now we have JUDE BELLINGHAM!”

This bit is a big homage to Bellingham, as it indicates how he’s a bigger talent than former Dortmund star Mario Gotze – who was once hailed as a talent of the century in Germany.

Bellingham will probably feel honoured and privileged to be receiving such widespread support from fans and celebrities alike, but he isn’t one to let the limelight drag him away from becoming the best footballer on the planet.