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Inside Sean Dyche’s Surprising Passion For Indian Food: ‘What Kind Of Pakoras’

Inside Sean Dyche’s Surprising Passion For Indian Food: ‘What Kind Of Pakoras’

Sean Dyche is undoubtedly ranked as one of the most prominent football enthusiasts. However, the Everton manager also has interesting facets to his personality.

In previous interviews, he expressed his love for hand-made shoes and the 90’s English rock band Kasabian. Moreover, it appears that his taste in food is equally elite.

An older interview of the manager resurfaced on the internet recently that captured his enthusiasm for various India-based food delicacies. Hearing Dyche speak so passionately about curries and Chana masala is so intriguing.

The referred interview was scheduled with BBC Radio Lancashire that took place back in 2020 when the manager was at the helm of Burnley.

In the interview, Sean Dyche was in his element as he talked about his decision to grow his infamous goatee, his passion for shoes, and music. Yet, the standout moment of the interview was when the topic of discussion shifted to food.

He really impressed the fans with his passionate knowledge about food delicacies. During the interview, the presenter handed over 5 boxes of homemade food items prepared by his mother-in-law to the manager, and Dyche delved into each of them with great attention and enthusiasm.

Dyche was first handed a tub of rice, which he identified as mushroom rice. He even described it as being ‘fluffy’ rather than ‘greasy’, before receiving tubs of samosas and pakoras.

He even cross-questioned the presenters about ‘what kind of pakoras,?’ indicating that he certainly knows his way around the treats. Although it was revealed to be a ‘standard one,’ the manager responded with a ‘Loving it.’ But he also admitted that out of the two, he is a little more inclined toward samosas.

But the Everton boss couldn’t contain his excitement as the presenter handed over the tub of lamb curry, letting out an enthusiastic exclamation, ‘Now we’re talking! Yeah, okay!’

He even went ahead passionately describing the food as well- “See, you know the oiliness? I love that. I know you’re not meant to love it. I know it’s not very good for you, but oh, it’s so good that is.”

He further let his knowledge known by revealing “Yeah, it should be naturally out there meat and then the ghee, isn’t it? That should be the mixture.”

Finally, he was handed a vegetarian tub in the form of chickpeas, which the manager corrected to ‘chana’

“Chana! I believe it’s called! Yeah okay”, he lets the presenter know.

It was surprising that he not only had knowledge about the intricacies of these Indian delicacies but was also familiar with their vernacular terms. It was definitely wholesome to let this side of his be known to the public.

But it was literally heart-melting to see the manager’s expression when he opened the tub and found the Chana Masala garnished with coriander. His beaming smile was evidence of his love for coriander, and we can’t help but adore him more.

“Oh, coriander! I love coriander! Coriander leaves are so good.”

Oh, Dyche! You are just one of us, aren’t you?

Fans have also taken note of his passion for food, and they love it. He was even tagged as the ‘Man of Culture’ for the same on social media.

We have heard Dyche take on numerous journalists with his football anecdotes, but hearing him talk about food is so wholesome and we can’t get enough of it.