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The Fan Frenzy Around Jude Bellingham’s Wide Arm Celebration: From Romeo Beckham to Carlos Alcaraz

The Fan Frenzy Around Jude Bellingham’s Wide Arm Celebration: From Romeo Beckham to Carlos Alcaraz

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, open your arms wide and make it better. The Jude Bellingham wave has begun as his trademark celebration is taking the sports world by storm. The former Borussia Dortmund star’s influence is strongly palpable as it is inciting everyone from Camavinga’s brother to current Wimbledon champion, Carlos Alcaraz.  

All about Jude Bellinham’s iconic celebration 

It has never been easy for an Englishman to seamlessly integrate into Real Madrid’s culture and playing, whether it be the Spanish culture, weather, language, or the weight of carrying the Real Madrid shirt. 

However, the story is different for Jude Bellingham as he has made an instant impact at Real Madrid, scoring 5 goals in his first 4 matches, equaling Cristiano Ronaldo’s record.  

Los Blanco’s 100 million signing isn’t only inspiring everyone on the pitch but off the pitch as well, as his iconic goal celebration, in which he can be seen opening his arms wide while looking towards Real Madrid fans, is already the talk of the town.  

The craze is real as the current world number one in Tennis, Carlos Alcaraz, did the exact Jude Bellingham celebration after his victory against Zverev at the US Open. Later the Spaniard would post a photo of his celebration with the caption, “Hey Jude”, affirming his reverence for the English Galactico.  

Even in the known territory, his celebration is making waves, as Real Madrid fans also stretch their hands in unison whenever Bellingham does the Celebration.

Thanks to recent technologies, Jude Bellingham’s celebration can also be seen outside the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.  

Last but not least, Camavinga’s little brother also did the celebration, as the photo was circulated on social media, which shows Jude’s influence known no age.  

Most recently, Romeo Beckham got in the act too –

How authentic is the Jude Bellingham Celebration? 

There is no denying the enormous talent that Jude possesses, however, fans on X, previously known as Twitter, are questioning the authenticity of his trademark celebration. How dichotomic it may sound, fans aren’t sure if this celebration is idiosyncratic to him like the SIU celebration is to Cristiano.  

Few people are saying this is one the most non-authentic celebrations, something that has been performed in the past. One of the notable players to do the similar celebration goes by the name of Lionel Messi, who did it against Bellingham’s Real Madrid, back in December 2017, when Barcelona thrashed Los Blancos 3-0 at Bernabeu.  

Soon after banter started with fans sharing photos of other footballers such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic doing a similar celebration. Even movie scenes where a similar pose was given by actors were also shared. From Vin Diesel to the iconic Gus Fring of Breaking Bad, the narrative to portray Jude Bellingham’s celebration as inauthentic and generic is on the rise.  

However, one thing is to be noted, no matter who did it first, Jude made it popular better, something even Barcelona fans have to agree with.