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Daniel Khalife’s Everyday Looks Take Twitter by Storm: ‘Put Him in Some Uniqlo Chinos’

Daniel Khalife’s Everyday Looks Take Twitter by Storm: ‘Put Him in Some Uniqlo Chinos’

When Yalda Hakim of BBC Global, announced, that Daniel Khalife, a convicted prisoner, was about to face trial for links with acts of terrorism and misuse of confidential information of the United Kingdom government.

There was a sense of eeriness as to what was going on.

She interviewed an ex-police superintendent, now retired, to garner further information about the subject.

Daniel Khalife had strapped himself to the basement of a prison food truck and escaped.

The superintendent explained such occurrences were common in the sixties, but a rare sight, under the microscopic supervision of the computer world.  

Interests in escaped convicts and serious offenders, mostly serial killers, have always been shrouded by a fairytale narrative building.

Ted Bundy, one of America’s most famous serial killers of the past millennium, had even had a brief appearance on a dating show in the hay day of his powers.

He had swiftly proceeded to murder someone in the great American South but that did not stop plebs like most of us, from drooling over his astonishing looks.

Teenage girls used to line up in prisons asking Bundy to marry them, holding up posters, and scampering to catch a glimpse of the multiple murder-accused men, they desired to marry.

It was all a rockstar treatment. Whatever psychological issues about which such actions may prompt it is for the psychologists to explain, if you are one, you know.  

They say, people and things, change along with the changing times, but though serial killers, may be hard to find these days, at least they don’t make the news like before, or perhaps they have gotten clever, Khalife’s escape from the prison, in a much similar sixties and seventies style when these serial killers were in fashion, have brought back sentiments of romanticism bordering on willful lust from the plebs of the contemporary era.

So much so, popular age-old news publication, The Daily Mail, published an article, posting a series of pictures of Khalife, in topless photos wearing only military pants.

These pictures are apparently, days before Khalife’s independence came under seizure by the intervention of the police.

Had they not intervened, the escaped prisoner’s links suggest, he could have undoubtedly played a part in curtailing the freedom of others.

However dangerous his actions might have been, this has not stopped the internet from gushing over his boyish charming looks.  

Daniel Khalife was born in 2002, a British citizen, he was working for the Royal Signals, a unit of the British army.

His activities came under scrutiny in May, and he lost his job subsequently, the twenty-one-year-old is accused of collecting and leaking information, to the enemy of the state.

On May 27th, 2023, Met’s counter-terrorism command convicted Khalife of two offenses, that led to the eventual departure of his job from the army.

Army personnel have been on alert since Khalife escaped from prison and given his links with the powers vying to plot against the state, the ports and airports of the country have been on high alert.

Citizens have been informed about Khalife’s stature and look making him an instant hit in the circles of social media and LGBTQ communities.

Daniel Khalife is six feet two inches, in height, with an athletic figure, expected from someone, who was so recently part of the army, has a good head of hair, with an everyday hairstyle, and deep dark eyes.  

The Internet has gone gaga over his looks, and many members of the LGBTQ community have been laughing about the popular narrative of craving to be with a bad boy like in the movies.

Memes have ensued the conversation, mainly with the theme, that it is okay to want to be with a bad boy, but terrorist is where one should draw the line.

Khalife has garnered popularity among the female population of the British Isles too.

Constant mockumentaries have become the theme of the matter of Khalife, with the police, announcing, that citizens are on alert and to inform authorities, the moment they get any sort of a sniff of a suspicion about Khalife’s whereabouts.

Many have wondered what they will do if they indeed encounter Khalife on the street.  

The dilemma of what to do in case of encountering Khalife has led to conversations even of how Khalife must be looking now.

Theories have been circulating, surely, he must have changed his hairstyle or went blonde or might have chopped his entire hair off.  

Others have expressed serious concern, about Khalife, basically looking like an everyday school or college boy resulting in an impossibility to recognize him and authenticate him as the man himself, from the rest of the college-goers, with a similar look to him.

They claim, Khalife, might be walking straight past, and they would fail to recognize him.

The UK police will certainly be hoping that is not the case, Khalife is roaming free, as others gush about his rugged well-toned good looks.

The police and the army will be worried about the misuse of information and the serious threat to the country, his escape might cause.

At twenty-one years old, Khalife is living the modern life, of Bonny and Clyde and other such legendary characters.

They fly as high as an eagle and yet their fall is harder than most. Khalife‘s charm might not last long, but for now, he is free and raising testosterones of the social media milieu.