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Twitter Reacts to Daniel Khalife Getting Busted in Chiswick – Even Lost Dogs Wander Further

Twitter Reacts to Daniel Khalife Getting Busted in Chiswick – Even Lost Dogs Wander Further

To abide by the expectations of the internet is a rather harrowing narrow margin to be in and once escaped prisoner, Daniel Khalife’s fall from mobile screen stardom might be another in that already much-established notion of the social media world.

When Khalife escaped leading to a seventy-six-hour manhunt for him in a combined effort by the army and the police, the Internet was wooed by his rugged good looks and his bravery.

It did not take long for the twenty-one-year-old terror suspect of Iranian descent to become the bad boy of the Internet.

Theories were being established almost in the style of fan fiction of his whereabouts with little care the man is accused of planting fake bombs and conspiring with the enemies of the state.

There was a twenty thousand pounds reward for anyone who would help the police in catching the fugitive and early Saturday saw telephonic lines of West London being busy with multiple civilians suspecting Khalife might be roaming at the place.

All those suspicions were true and Khalife was caught on a bike wearing normal clothes and a Waitrose Cool bag to accompany his attire by a policeman who was not in uniform himself.  

He was in Chiswick when his run away from the prison was stopped by the police.

Khalife is said to have laughed witnessing the helicopter and all the large merchantries brought by the carriers of law to bring him back to prison but it was the Internet, followers of the Khalife case who had their expectations crashed at the manner of how it all ended for Khalife.

Khalife was only a meager eight miles away from the prison he escaped from, while the military was busy manning the borders of the country.

There is something so anticlimactic about the mannerisms of Khalife given he could have gone anywhere to hide and he only went West London, to Chiswick and covered an eight-mile distance in three days.

As the police are determined to trace every possible source that has helped Khalife in his prison run starting from where he got the bike the Internet has started its own set of theories to explain Khalife’s less-than-convincing dullard behavior.

It is safe to say comparisons with Bonny and Clyde have long left the building.

Some believe it is a hard life to be in the army followed by prison for twenty-one-year and Khalife might have gone to Chiswick, a place famous for its bakery to have a taste of some of that dough and maybe learn the recipe before he heads back to prison.

That might be the only reason he only went eight miles in three days and gave himself up so easily.

He must have simply wanted to be popular with his prison inmates with his culinary skills.

To rent a room in London these days for young people is either to have a long-drawn tradition of wealthy family members and generational money or to sell a bodily organ.

Whichever is more applicable. 

Theories have it that Khalife must have gone around Chiswick looking to rent a room heard about the rent and decided it is easier to be in prison with no rent and free food than to stay in London and drain away every month by paying the rent.

Khalife might be remembered for pulling off the most plausible boring escape route by any prisoner who ever attempted a shot at independence again.

It is no surprise it has hardly taken any time owing to the ever-presence of amentia of the Internet to drag him from the wonders of a bad boy hero to boring escaped prisoner becomes an Internet joke.