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Why Bayern Gifted Signed Thomas Muller Kit to Person Who Hacked Their Site

Why Bayern Gifted Signed Thomas Muller Kit to Person Who Hacked Their Site

Football is a sport with a massive following, and for most supporters, the game is borderline religion. 

They’re often obsessed with their beloved clubs, and the game can even take over their lives. 

Needless to say, the notion can be quite unhealthy, but as it turns out, being a loyal supporter can be extremely rewarding as well.

A solid example of this is a tale fresh out of Brazil, which tells the story of a loyal supporter who focused his adoration on helping his club. 

Espirito Santo Daniel ‘Ghost’ Martins, a resident of Brazil and Ethical Hacker by profession, spotted a major flaw while scrolling through the official website of his beloved Bayern Munich

An expert in Information Security, his love for the club acted as inspiration, and he took matters into his own hands. 

Upon finding the vulnerability, the 24-year-old invaded the website to further inspect the flawed portal system, which could’ve put personal information such as name and financial details at risk.

Without causing an ounce of damage, he promptly mailed out a report to the club which detailed the fragility of the system. 

Speaking to Globo, he recounted the events, ‘As soon as I found the fault, immediately, at dawn, I made a report and sent it to them. They took a while to fix it and didn’t even respond to me at first. But a journalist from Globo (Daniel Mundim) saw this fact and helped me get in touch with them.”

Bayern were pleasantly surprised by the Brazilian’s initiative, and in a classy gesture, they sent a pretty nifty gift to him. 

As revealed by Daniel himself, ‘Successfully, they corrected it (the flaw) and as a way of thanking me they sent me a shirt signed by the club’s biggest idol, Thomas Muller.’

Daniel didn’t just help his club in a significant manner, but he also got a token of appreciation from the team itself. Stories such as these are always heartwarming, and this really is as wholesome as it gets.