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Watch: Wayward shot knocks out football fan and her beer in Brazil

Watch: Wayward shot knocks out football fan and her beer in Brazil

Imagine being a supporter, heading out to your beloved club’s home ground, donning their colours filled with excitement and anticipation.

One would hope for a thrilling game, maybe even some dramatic clashes between the players. However, we often forget just how easily eagerness can take a nosedive.

Unfortunately, that was the case for this star crossed supporter. The incident occurred in the 2-2 draw between Goias and Brusque in the second division of Brazilian football, namely the “Campeonato Brasileiro Série B”.

Goias defensive midfielder Rezende Miranda certainly did not have his shooting boots on as he struck a wayward strike heading miles away from goal. Instead, the ball swerved and dipped through the air before finding its way to an ill-fated supporter in the stands.

The impact was a sight to behold, the sheer force behind the ball seemed to knock out the poor supporter, and sadly her beverage too.

The container of beer spilt out and the beverage itself gloriously flailed in the air for a second defying gravity, but ultimately splashed a bit on its owner’s face.

Considering the amount of movement that the strike possessed, it is liable to assume that the poor spectator didn’t even realize the ball was coming at her until the very last second, giving her little to no time to react.

The clip itself can be perceived as hilarious or tragic depending upon your viewpoint, so we’ll leave that up to you.