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Reece James Suffers Homophobic Response After Dyeing His Hair Pink

Reece James Suffers Homophobic Response After Dyeing His Hair Pink

Footballers’ fascination with hairstyles and fashion is well-documented.

Some players keep one hairstyle for considerable periods of time, like David Luiz, while some change it based on occasion, like Paul Pogba.

The former Manchester United midfielder is particularly famous for changing his hairstyle quite regularly.

In one instance, the player sported blue hair when playing for the France national team, who are nicknamed Les Blues.

Speaking of special cuts and symbols, Chelsea’s new defender Wesley Fofana recently made headlines when he had a heart-shaped hair design, similar to teammate Reece James.

Reece James has again made the news, this time on international duty.

Players across clubs have been called for international commitments, and England has Nations League games against Italy and Germany lined up in the next week.

To prepare for the same, an open training session was held on 20th September.

Open training sessions are attended not just by fans, but by many news cameras as well, for the sheer value of headlines they can create.

This time, Chelsea fullback Reece James was the creator of the headlines, when he revealed a new pink streak in his hair.

The player himself posted about the hairdo with the caption “Be yourself” and a heart emoji.

Surprisingly, some on Twitter have expressed “concerns” that this new pink colour, along with some of the player’s previous actions, is hinting at the fact that Reece is gay.

The caption of Reece’s tweet certainly adds fire to their argument.

They have gone as far as to say that they will stop supporting the club until James leaves.

This level of homophobia is unacceptable anywhere, let alone in the premier division of football in England.

Football has a racism problem, that no one can deny. The most recent episode of Vinicius Jr. just proves that.

Homophobia is another problem that the sport is now having to deal with.

Fortunately, there are those that still believe in freedom of expression, as can be seen with the unwavering support shown on social media.

A player’s sexuality should never be a topic of debate or discussion, as it does not affect the player’s ability to deliver on the pitch.

The same James who defends and crosses the ball well, will not suddenly forget how to kick a ball if, and a big IF, he admits to being gay.

A sport as global as this needs to be more accepting of colours, genders and all sorts of people.

Gay footballers should not be afraid to come out. There are those who have done it before, and there will be those who do it going forward.

The world is changing and this sport needs to as well.

And as for Reece James, gay or not, you do you!