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The Heart-Shaped Hair Design Both Reece James And Wesley Fofana Have In Common

The Heart-Shaped Hair Design Both Reece James And Wesley Fofana Have In Common

Fancy hairstyles and football players are a love story we hope never dies. The trend of iconic hairstyles has always been in football, going back to the 1990s when Colombian star Carlos Valderrama showcased his ‘Big Curly Blonde Afro”.

More iconic hairstyles like that of Ronaldo Nazario in the 2002 World cup took the world by storm. Hairstyles can be iconic because of how good they are or how bad they are, all we know is that they left a mark in the world of football.

Some hairstyles are associated with certain players, like Ljunbjerg’s purple mohawk or Cristiano’s noodle hair era.

Some players try a new hairstyle every few months or years, with each hairstyle being as interesting as the last. For example, Neymar has had a history of fancy hairstyles, ranging from his own version of noodle hair to the pink hair he did more recently.

Some players specifically change their hairstyle for certain occasions, like Aubameyang who puts a star on his head whenever he plays against Tottenham to remember his grandfather. Other examples include that of Paul Gascoigne, who dyed his hair blonde just for the 1996 Euros. 

Paul Pogba has been one of the trendsetters when it comes to modern football and fancy hairdos. His hairstyles have sparked a lot of controversies, and pundits like Graeme Souness constantly attack him for focusing more on his hair and less on his game.

Whatever the case might be, some of his hairstyles have left a mark that many have followed. One of his hairstyles is the popular heart-shaped cut.

Similar to Pogba, Reece James and more recently Wesley Fofana also donned a heart-shaped hair design. Wesley Fofana has been in the media spotlight ever since Chelsea showed interest in signing him.

Just a few days ago, Fabrizio Romano, a reliable source of transfer news, confirmed that Fofana would be going to Chelsea for a price of over €80M, and joining Reece James in the blues’ backline.

This brings more attention to the fact that they now share a hairstyle, the heart cut.

After noticing the similarity in hairstyles, fans’ discussions quickly shifted from hairstyles to Chelsea’s priorities in new signings.

Fans are worried that Chelsea are buying too many defenders whereas the real issues they are facing are up ahead on the field.

With the arrival of Kalidou Koulibaly and Marc Cucurella, a third big-name defensive signing could be considered excessive for some, whereas others are arguing that the departure of Christensen and Antonio Rudiger have forced Chelsea’s hand.

On the other hand, by losing both strikers, Lukaku and Werner, in this transfer window, Chelsea are lacking the goal threat that they tried making up for with the signing of Raheem Sterling.

Either way, fans are excited for the arrival of incredible young talent Wesley Fofana. With the two defenders sharing the same haircut, the chemistry will surely be something to look out for.