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Adidas Are Winning The 2022 World Cup Kit Battle Before It’s Even Begun

Adidas Are Winning The 2022 World Cup Kit Battle Before It’s Even Begun

The World Cup in 2022 is fast approaching. The tournament begins on November 20th and will feature the top 32 national teams in the world.

Being played out over 64 matches in 8 venues throughout 5 different Qatari cities, it will be the largest and most awaited sporting event held this year.

Every 4 years, this iconic competition takes the world by storm, and countries all around the world have a battle before the matches even begin – the battle for the most beautiful jersey.

The biggest football tournament in the world offers businesses the best opportunity to fight for the attention of over four billion followers of the sport across the world.

The countries are grouped by the brand, so it ends up being Adidas vs Nike vs any other brand that dares to take up the task of designing a country’s world cup kit.

For the past few world cups, it has mainly been a fight between sportswear superpowers Nike and Adidas.

In the 2018 World Cup, Adidas designed kits for 12 of the participating countries, as opposed to 10 for Nike.

However, when it came to the most beautiful kits, the competition was as tight as it could be. Nike, in the court of public opinion, had the best jersey of the tournament, with one of the most iconic jerseys seen in a long time – Nigeria.

Alex Iwobi in NIgeria 2018 World CUp home kit

This year again Adidas and Nike will be neck and neck in their battle to attract customers in the lead-up to the tournament.

The release of kits has already begun, and Adidas is not holding any punches back.

Adidas is a brand with very high standards, but it can be said that they’ve outdone themselves this year.

The company has introduced a variety of kits for every participating national team on its roster. And my word, the kits are stunning.

The light blue colour of Spain’s away uniform combined with certain darker blue tones gives the garment a stunning ocean-wave pattern.

With a strong black stripe going down the centre and golden edges all around, Germany’s uniform exudes class.

With a white backdrop hue accented by red-bordered classic Mexican motifs or Aztec Art, Mexico has an eye-catching kit.

Japan’s home kit is a modern and flashy combination of dark and light blue with triangle designs.

Beautiful deep blue with motifs of flames in purple and lavender can be found on Argentina’s away uniform.

Almost all home kits are classic renditions of traditional designs and are equally as beautiful as experimental away kits.

As for their rivals, Nike, no kit has been released officially yet. However, if leaked kits are to be believed, it would show that they have a very uphill task on their hands if they want to compete with Adidas’ finesse this year.

It is safe to say that Adidas are winning the world cup kit battle before it has even properly begun.